Advanced Nursing and Home Support Nursing

In this article, we will explore what Advanced Nursing and Home Support Nursing are, Roles of a home health nurse in advanced care and The Advantages of Home Health Nursing and Advanced Care.

The need for advanced care and home-health nursing is growing as the population continues to age. Care for patients with acute or chronic illnesses is a focus of advanced care nursing, which also manages complex medical disorders. On the other hand, home health nursing involves giving patients care in their homes so they can heal and effectively manage their diseases. Home health care nurses (HHN) provide treatment for patients with chronic illnesses such end-stage renal failure, Parkinson’s disease, heart failure, and many more, in addition to a range of acute ailments.

utilizing the psychological sense of security that a patient has in a familiar setting, such as their home, where difficult decisions can be made more easily.

The HHN is in a great position to promote discussions about challenging medical issues. Therefore, it is essential to understand the functions an HHN performs while using advanced care planning to manage patients receiving home care.

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The functions of a home health nurse, the significance of home health nursing, the pay for home health nurses, and more are all explored in this article.

Responsibility of Advanced Nursing and Home Support Nurse

  • To assist patients and their families in making decisions about their healthcare in advance, home health nurses use advanced care planning. As part of advanced care planning, the patient’s objectives, values, and preferences are discussed and recorded in an advance directive. In the event that a patient is rendered incapable of making decisions for themselves, an advance directive is a legal document that explains the patient’s desires for their treatment.
  • Advanced care planning for patients is greatly facilitated by home health nurses. They provide information about the various treatment options available and aid patients and their families in understanding the advantages and significance of advanced care planning. On the basis of the patient’s preferences, values, and goals, home health nurses also assist patients and their families in making decisions regarding their care.

Advanced care planning is used by home health nurses to:

  1. Ensure Patient Preferences are Respected: Care preferences expressed by patients are taken into account through advanced care planning. Patients can choose their care and treatment alternatives with confidence by discussing their goals and values. Even if the patient is later unable to articulate their preferences, advanced care planning guarantees that their decisions are honoured.
  2. Decrease Hospital hospitalizations: By ensuring that patients receive the care they require at home, advanced care planning can help deter hospital hospitalizations. Home health nurses can collaborate with patients and their families to create a care plan that fits their preferences and needs, reducing the need for unnecessarily frequent hospital visits.
  3. Improve Care Coordination: By ensuring that all healthcare professionals are informed of the patient’s intentions regarding their care, advanced care planning can enhance care coordination. Home health nurses can assist patients and their families in expressing their wishes to any doctors, therapists, or other caregivers who are engaged in their care.
  4. Offer Emotional Support: For patients and their families, advanced care planning may be a challenging and emotional process. By listening to patients and their families, sharing resources and information with them, and assisting them in making decisions about their treatment, home health nurses can offer emotional support throughout this process.

Advanced care is important in home health nursing.

Numerous ways exist for patients to gain from advanced care and home health nursing, including:

  • Improved Patient Outcomes: Advanced care and home health nursing can improve patient outcomes by providing prompt and efficient treatments. The status of a patient may vary gradually over time, but home health and advanced care nurses are highly skilled professionals who can spot these changes and provide quick interventions to lower complications and improve patient outcomes.
  • Advanced care and home health nursing are used to give individualized treatment that is geared to the particular needs of the patient, which boosts patient satisfaction. Patient satisfaction may rise as a result of patients feeling more invested in their care and having a better understanding of their condition and available treatment options.

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  • Advanced care and home health nursing may provide cost-effective treatment since they can reduce the number of hospital admissions and lengthen hospital stays. Large cost savings could arise from this, which would be advantageous to both patients and the healthcare system.

Salary of nurses working in home health

Home health nurses’ pay in Nigeria varies depending on a number of variables, including their level of education, level of experience, region, and kind of employer. The typical monthly pay for home health nurses in Nigeria ranges from 80,000 to 150,000 Naira, according to the data that is currently available. Although the median annual income for home health nurses in the US is $75,330, this can vary based on the situation of the employee.

In summary

Advanced nursing and home health care are two nursing professions that focus on providing care to patients with complex medical conditions in diverse settings. These nursing specialities benefit patients by improving patient outcomes, raising patient satisfaction, and providing more affordable care. owing to the fact that they provide personalised treatment that can be offered to patients either in their homes or in facilities that offer specialized care.

Advanced care and home health nursing are crucial for enhancing health outcomes and ensuring that patients get the care they need to properly manage their diseases.

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