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Arising from the virtual meeting held on Thursday the 15th of April, 2021 between all the Group admin of all social media platforms in Nigeria and the Management of N&MCN/NANNM

Arising from the virtual meeting held on Thursday the 15th of April, 2021 between all the groups admin of all social media platforms in Nigeria and diaspora and the Management of N&MCN/NANNM

The meeting which was the first of it kind was aimed at promoting the image of the Nursing profession on our pages of social media platforms.

On their opening remarks, Nurse Alhaji Faruk Abubakar the “Digital” Secretary General of N&MCN and Comrade Michael Nnachi the National President of NANNM in their separates remarks said it is hazardous and very unpleasant to see a practicing Nurse using his or her personal page of to insult or castigate his/her profession or its leadership and said doing such is self destructive especially to the image of our profession. How will people of the public view a Nurse after reading those posts? They continues to laments.


They then call on all and sundry to shelf their sword, put aside all bitterness and grievances to come back let’s promote the public image of our dear profession.

On their separate responses, the groups admin of different fora/social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram etc) they make almost similar submissions.

They requested for a platform or website to be created for all the Nigerian and Diaspora Nurses to always access whenever they have an issue or issues be it complaints, grievances or Accusations that they can forward it to such platform for prompt response and action instead of making it to the public. This amongst many other issues were raised and interacted amicably.

In conclusion the following were resolved

That henceforth for the interest saving the image of our dear profession, no individual should use his/her personal page/pages of social media to writes negative post on the Nursing as a profession or its leaders or both

Terms of The Industrial Arbitration Panel Awards Granted NANNM Dated 30th March 1981

That for the main time before the National Executive Council of NANNM will deliberate on creating such platform for receiving and addressing issues, we may send our complaints to our respective groups admin or states NANNM chairman/Secretary for further necessary action instead of individuals account/pages

That groups admin can device means to educate all members of their groups (the Nurses) in form of sensitization about the danger of discrediting our profession by ourselves before the public

The N&MCN/NANNM assured all The Nurses of their commitment to better present and future image of our profession at all possible cost

And at the end the N&MCN and NANNM wishes all Nigerian and Diaspora Nurses the assurances of their highest regards

Updated: April 19, 2021 — 5:33 am

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