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A master’s or doctoral degree in nursing can be obtained by registered nurses who want to advance their education. They can then go on to become nurse practitioners, nurse midwives, clinical nurse specialists, or licensed nurse anesthetists.

The ability to manage a panel of patients and maintain their general health from infancy to adulthood makes nurse practitioners distinctive. In Missouri, nurse practitioners are allowed to serve as primary care providers, but in order to diagnose, treat, and prescribe drugs, they must work in collaboration with a doctor.

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Missouri’s requirements for becoming a nurse practitioner

These steps can be taken by Missouri residents to become eligible for in-state NP positions.

  • In order to prepare for nursing programs in higher education, the Missouri Nurses Association advises high school students to take English, math, science, and social studies courses.
  • Candidates must complete nursing programs that have been approved by the Missouri State Board of Nursing after graduating from high school. Residents can select between associate, bachelor’s, or hospital programs to obtain an RN licensure; these programs normally take two to three years to complete.
  • For RN licenses, people must apply. The only requirements for applicants are the submission of transcripts and a criminal background check; there is no application cost.
  • The National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX), which costs $200, should be registered for by prospective RNs. Registration is advised at least four weeks before to finishing nursing programs, according to the board. Before taking the test, candidates must acquire board approval. Applicants must reapply for registration if this approval is not granted within 365 days.
  • To get ready for the test, test-takers should complete NCLEX practice examinations.
  • The NCLEX must be taken by candidates on the day of the test. Although the format of this exam varies, it typically has a time limit of five or six hours and as many as 265 questions. Within six weeks following the exam date, candidates receive their NCLEX exam results.
  • The board grants RN licenses to deserving applicants. Every two years, at the end of April, professionals renew their licenses. However, renewal does not necessitate continuing education hours.
  • For NP roles, candidates must acquire national certification. Organizations like the American Nurses Credentialing Center can provide certifications, and they should represent specialities. Primary care, geriatrics, and acute care specialists are in particularly high demand in Missouri right now. The board does, however, acknowledge other specialties, including pediatrics, neonatology, and mental health. Fieldwork, classes, and tests that correspond to the area of specialization may be required for certification.
  • Candidates should apply to be recognized as advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs). For those waiting to take certification exams, the board grants provisional recognition.
  • Each candidate for APRN status must finish an advanced nursing degree and submit a $150 application fee. The board issues a Document of Recognition for APRN practice to a person who fulfills the state’s requirements. Candidates must provide documentation of their re-certification through a national organization in order to renew the Document of Recognition. For this credential, there is no renewal fee.

Selecting a Program for Nurse Practitioners

Many nurses are uncertain about where to start their search for a school after opting to pursue a higher degree. The following things should be taken into account when thinking about graduate school:

10 Best Nurse Practitioner Programs in Missouri – 2023 National accreditation is necessary for licensure in the majority of states. The Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) or the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN) are two possible accreditation organizations. There are seventeen accredited NP programs in Missouri.

Program Cost: For citizens of the state, graduate school in Missouri typically costs roughly $750 per credit. Typically, books, additional university fees, and living costs are not included in tuition. Payment plans, scholarships, grants, and loans are just a few of the financial aid choices offered by many colleges.
Program Length: A full-time BSN to MSN program can be completed in three to four years. Due to the additional credits needed, a BSN to DNP typically takes four to five years. It takes around an additional year for nurses to get their BSN.
Opportunities for Internships and Externships: As part of the program, nursing students are required to complete supervised clinical hours. This criterion enables them to get the practical experience they need in order to practice autonomously. The standard is 500 clinical practicum hours, but exact numbers may differ between schools. There are nurse practitioner residency programs that, though optional, give NPs the opportunity to broaden their on-the-job experience in addition to the program requirements. There was only one pediatric residency program offered in Missouri for NPs.
Options for Online/Campus Learning: For students, Online/Distance Learning is a fantastic option. Many people need time flexibility because they have to work and go to school at the same time. Missouri offers a number of online courses that can be completed entirely online.

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Requirements for Admission and Certification

The following are typical prerequisites for admission to graduate programs in Missouri, though they may differ between institutions:

  • a valid RN license and a BSN from an institution with accreditation
  • Transcripts from previous educational institutions provided immediately to the university GPA of at least 3.0
  • As an RN, you’ve had prior clinical experience
  • Send your CV or resume.
  • Give a written mission statement or goals statement.
  • full faculty interviews
  • Before enrolling, prospective students are strongly advised to study the website of their chosen institution to learn more about its admission requirements.

Regulation/ Certification

In Missouri, licenses require specialty certification. However, the applicant has the option of sending a notarized application before or right after the test. On its website, the Board lists the accredited certifying organizations. Certification in a certain population niche, such as:

  • Acute or primary care for adults
  • Geriatrics
  • Acute or primary care for children
  • Psychiatric/Mental Health of Women

Other requirements for licensing include:

  • Unrestricted, active RN license
  • Fill out the Certification Verification Form for the Authorization to Release Confidential Information.
  • To provide medical services and write prescriptions, come to an agreement with a doctor.
  • Fill out the application for controlled substance prescribing authority, if necessary.

10 Best Online Nurse Practitioner Programs in Missouri

  • University of Missouri-Kansas City – Kansas City
  • University of Missouri-St. Louis – St. Louis
  • University of Missouri-Columbia – Columbia
  • Maryville University-Saint Louis – St. Louis
  • Maryville University-Saint Louis – St. Louis
  • Southeast Missouri State University – Cape Girardeau
  • Missouri State University – Springfield
  • Goldfarb School of Nursing at Barnes-Jewish College – St. Louis
  • Cox College – Springfield
  • Graceland University – Independence

Salary and Career Information

The average American salary for 2019 was $54,099. In Missouri, NPs make an average of almost twice as much ($106,870) annually. Additionally, these professionals make more money on average than RNs in the state.

Candidates should be aware that the national average compensation for nurse practitioners is about $11,000 greater than Missouri’s, and the national average salary for registered nurses is more than $9,000 higher than Missouri’s average pay for registered nurses. However, some parts of Missouri, like Kansas City, have mean annual wages that are in line with expectations across the country. Additionally, residents can raise their pay by deciding on specializations with higher mean salaries, like psychiatric nurse practitioners.

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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), NP posts will increase in Missouri by 29.7% over the ensuing decade. The BLS predicts a 28.2% growth in NP opportunities nationwide. Candidates should enroll in nurse practitioner schools in Missouri to start working toward their nursing credentials in order to take advantage of these advances.

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