Call for Pulling Out of JOHESU: Need to Thread With Caution

I appreciate JOHESU for making us realise that we can stand alone. Even if for nothing our union with them has exposed us to a certain level of consciousness of our uniqueness. Meanwhile, what are our strength and weakness, opportunity and threat. We need to do a SWOT analysis before making a decision on wether to leave or not to leave.
While I agree we can go it alone, I strongly don’t believe it is time. I also believe from time to time we will still need to consult others too along the way. Even NMA at times do look for solidarity to score a point as can be seen in the last strike embarked in Kaduna State by all health care workers.
The best alternative is to renegotiate our agreement and terms and condition of our affiliation to JOHESU. We ultimately should begin working on peculiar problems independently but still cooperate on collective issues. For those who think trusting NMA is good should go read history. Obviously, Faduliye’s NMA is a different person from Ujah’s NMA.
Finally, the discordant tunes arrissing from the various dichotomies that exit among nurses that are related to place of training, place of work and nature of work should as a matter of urgency be minimised to the nearest minimum.

S. Danmori.

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  1. Animasaun Adekunle says:

    Please pull out honourably now,else the government would device a means to deal with nurses expecially and make the profession less relevant.They could introduce more locum nurses and health attendants to neutralize our relevance because it is obvious the nurses give johesu the impetue to embark on strikes.Meanwhile,the major reason for the present strike is the 10 percent covid 19 allowance paid to some crop of health workers,yet nurses that were fully favoured blindly join the strike to to drive home an undue
    advantage.What do nurses really want? Are we under a curse?

  2. Comrade Nur. Ajibola Aishat Oluwafunke says:

    Thanks for this write up.
    I want to categorically state here that JOHESU is not our problem but NANNM leadership is our problem.
    NANNM is not the only affiliated association to JOHESU and NLC.
    Composition of JOHESU are three executive members of each Association comes together to form JOHESU. (That is chairman or president, secretary and the Treasurer of each Association)
    So when u hear JOHESU, NANNM and others is simply called JOHESU with that combination.
    Why not ask ourselves this question,why is it that it is only Nurses that has not been highly benefited from JOHESU intervention?
    NANNM is an association and a trade union that stand independently. They have peculiar problems that supposed to be handled by them single handedly.
    Where JOHESU comes in is on general problem that cut across all affiliated associations and some peculiar problems that can not be solved by the specific body will equally be treated at JOHESU level.
    Now if the leaders of each associations refused to expose their peculiar problems like Nurses who always pretend all is well when all is bad, how will JOHESU know and treat such problem?
    Pls let us hold our leaders responsible and accountable as they remain in the office without fear.