Call NMCN To Order About Circular Sent Today

In this article you will know why Call NMCN To Order About Circular Sent Today also read on the circular sent by Nursing Council of Nigeria

Our attention was drawn to the circular sent in today by the Nursing and Midwifery Council Of Nigeria (NMCN) on the need for more human resouceses to combat and reduce the high maternal and child mortality rate,according to the FMOH statistics report in 2019.

It is unfortunate that, NMCN believes a lasting solutions to this problem is to produce more nurses to the already oversaturated jobless nurses community

Call NMCN To Order About Circular Sent Today

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We understand the universal health coverage is the focus , coupled with the fact that it is the year of nurses and midwives but we will like to state categorically that this is a wrong approach.

Many Nigerian Nurses are Jobless,the Exodus of nurses from this country is alarming. The ones with a job are overworked, understaffed and under paid. No provision for basic amenities , terrible working conditions .

  • Many struggling for peanuts since quackery is the order of the day.
  • This will not only affect Nursing practice but also nursing education.

This is the year of nurses and the midwives. Instead of NMCN to organise workshops, sponsor professional members ,but no, they prefer to gift us more unemployed nurses.

Statistics report in 2019.
It is unfortunate that, NMCN believes a lasting solutions to this problem is to produce more nurs s to the oversaturated jobless nurses community.

We would like to make the following recommendations

  1. That the nursing council quickly bring to a halt, this menace that is capable of devaluing the Nursing profession.
  2. That the council maintain a steady pace which has been initiated to move nursing in Nigeria to the University.
  3. That the council does all within her capacity to make the nursing profession in Nigeria attractive to curb mass nurses exodus.
  4. NMCN should work with relevant stakeholders to rejuvenate the initiative of automatic employment for graduating registered nurses to mitigate underemployment of Nurses.
  5. NMCN should place premium on quality over quantity; empowering and investing in nurses ..and Midwives through workshops, scholarships as well as rightly advising the government on equipping healthcare facilities are potent solutions to rising maternal and child mortality.
  6. NMCN should make public, data from PUF, to correctly inform the government about staggering numbers of unemployed and underemployed nurses across Nigeria.






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  1. GODIYA DANIEL says:

    Pls no to two graduating Set in a year, no to employment to nurses

  2. Adeleke Eyiyemi says:

    No to stream training

  3. Mbiapat says:

    We say no to stream training.
    NMCN should do something fast about the circular.
    This is our year, we won’t accept such as a favour.

    1. Abdul9ja says:

      If they wanna do something meaningful let them start from eradicating quacks👌

  4. Zhekaba Williams D says:

    Capital NO to stream training. let already registered Nurses be employ and paid well with good working environment and conditions.

    1. Abdul9ja says:

      NMCN is trying to provide paracetamol for the headache, while failing to look for the cause of the headache and tackle it. It will still come to the same old story. Even,those employed at grassroots are being owed salary for months.

  5. Ishaya Bitrus Egwa says:

    I stand with those that said No to stream training. Enough is a enough for all the devaluating process in this profession. If NMCN need more ideas then they should call on all stakeholders to a round table for a way forward.

  6. I say no this irrelevant circular, I don’t know who do offer this kind of idea to this people? Am just confused anyway NMCN we say no this

  7. Ahanah Nneka chinyere says:

    For the fact that midwives are not recognized in this Nigeria, maternal mortality will keep on rising, until government and NMCN place them were they are suppose to be with good remuneration. I am proud to be a midwive