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Clinical Experience: Peadiatrics wasn’t that bad after all

Peadiatrics wasn’t that bad after all

Clinical Experience: Peadiatrics wasn’t that bad after all

They was the real branch of the hospital and I hated it even more because it was old and dirty to me(I mean what did I expect in an hospital that’s over 100yrs😂😂). I was told to work alone in a place I had never worked before and I was scared at first that what if something happens what will I do??😂😂and I was more angry because I had to calculate every medication before I administer them unlike that of adults,well I survived it that day and it wasn’t that bad I mean no one died so I was fine😂😂.

The next duty was in B ward where I stayed for over a month the ward was majorly for preterm and I hated it the more because of the constant crying of preterm because I had no idea what their cry meant at different point unlike other children they will tell you where they are hurting, but with time I became familiar with everything and i somehow knew why a particular child is crying at some point in time, most of they hardly cry expect they are hungry or not comfortable.

Nursing Internship struggle in Nigeria: My Experience

My favorite part of the posting was B ward(for preterm only) 😄 which is usually the worse part for most interns😂😂. Also the nurses in the hospital were really amazing I mean all of them, and the doctors too so work was much easier.

I also worked in ER which is usually the most stressful part of peadiatrics after B3 and I will say it was my favorite too and one thing I learnt from this posting is our parents undying love for us, they can run to any length just to make sure we are alive and healthy by all means and they become very sad seeing us iil, in ER I saw lots of dramas performed by parents😂😂 that bring in their child during emergencies I am not supposed to be laughing but if the videos was played for them later on I’m sure they will laugh too😂😂.

Clinical Experience: Peadiatrics wasn’t that bad after all

I once asked a nurse at the beginning that “of all specialty in Nursing what were you thinking when you picked peadiatrics”😂😂 i guess I know why now 😄😄 apart from O and G this has to be my best posting ever so don’t be surprised if you see me become a pediatric nurse in the future😚🤷🏽‍♀️.

End of internship chronicles; last phase of internship.

I’m back to GH for the last phase of internship😫😫 after everything I will gist you’ll how my 1year went, till then bye bye and thanks for reading my first write up ohh I did my undergraduate project myself so this isn’t the first after all😂😂😂.

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Updated: April 2, 2021 — 9:00 am

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