Crazy Or Insane Approach

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Crazy Or Insane Approach

Crazy but not insane is a fair discription of good emergency response. Craziness in the context of this short piece, will mean a planned extraordinary measures which defy status quo eg the strategic stay-at-hone order and social distancing. It is a difficult but necessary decision, more so, when the decision in question is backed by prompt economic palliative to ease the suffering of the vulnerable group.
On the other hand, I tagged insane response to emergency as a response that is mered with hoax. Yes, the Hallmark of this approach is falsehood through contemporary media dominance. A clear counter productive approach by all standard.
But the question is, where are we on my conceptualization of ” crazy and insane” emergency approach? Your quess is as good as mine. While i strategically withheld my answer to the question, I want salute the courage and determination of men and women across globe who despite all odds are putting in their best in the fight against covid-19 pandemic.
Be that as it may, the fight Against covid-19 pandemic is a duty ofv all but coordinated by government. In essence, just like the government can be insane or crazy in her approach, the citizenry can also insane or crazy in this regard.
Now, let’s look at the government efforts on the fight against covid-19 pandemic objectively with a view to finding answer to the question I asked earlier. Without any iorta of contradiction, it is a constitutional responsibility of the government Carter for the welfare of her citizens irrespective of status or other premordial considerations.
The first case of covid-19 pandemic was reported in Nigeria on 28/2/2020 almost 4 months after first reported case in the world, in Wuhan China. Although, virulence of the disease was not immediately established, precious time was wasted contemplating on the vulnerability or otherwise to this minute but dangerous virus. With all fairness, including developed countries were found culpable of indicision in this regard. While the rest world were busy contemplating, China crazily deployed all resource at her desposal. Smart and crazy approach indeed
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Presumably, government did not just sit and watch as the pandemic take it’s toll on all sphere life without discrimination. Yes, covid-19 does discriminate. The government relied on contact tracing as measure to track all potential victims. Worthy of mention, is that, this traditional approach work very well during the Ebola outbreak. Whether this traditional approach is reliable when we have more than 6000 contact tract without verifiable contact information, is scientifically debatable.
On resource mobilization, government made attempt to mobilize financial support to the worst hit states and NCDC but little on human resources necessary to contain the upsurge of the virus. Beyond closing schools and lockdown across the country, we need to aggressively mobilize relevant human and financial resources to effectively tackle this pandemic. I doubt if we have enough yet abound in the resources in question. Just yesterday, one the top United States expert on covid-19 projected that about 100000 to 200000 Amiricans will die as a result of the pandemic in best case scenario. What will be our best case scenario on mortality in Nigeria?
BY Nr. Habu Haruna MSc.,BNSc.,RNM.,PGDEd.
Lecturer Nursing Department, University of Maiduguri, Borno State Nigeria

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