Curtailment Of Corona Virus Covid -19 Spread

In this article you will read on Curtailment Of Corona Virus Covid -19 Spread 

Curtailment Of Corona Virus Covid -19 Spread

I am worried for my country Nigeria
For over a month now we are only able to test 2000 persons for Covid-19 most of whom are even top govt officials. Are these top govt officials isolated, don’t they have supporting staff like gardener, cleaners etc. Have they been tested? Am afraid because ? a lot of community transmission might already be going on. Am afraid because we might not be able to handle this when it booms.
If America with an estimated 225 million people, better health care system with rapid testing capacity and by implications management is projecting that at least 100,000 American would die of this pandemic.
What then do you think the mortality of a country of 200 million (almost same population as the US) with very poor testing capacity, poor health system be?
I pray we would be alive by the end of this pandemic and see if my country Nigeria would learn from this.
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Government therefore need to intensity it’s testing capacity as this key in flattening the curve NOT JUST LOCKDOWN and CONTACT tracing to curb ? community transmission.
We delayed in closing our boarders, we should not delay about national lock dawn.
Is there any capacity development for our first line responders? or we are waiting for the bad days ahead. Clearly, the present health work force (both private and public is not sufficient). senior students in our various health training Institutions should be trained to respond when absolute need arise.
Governors of the NE with IDP camps should take proactive measures to protect the vulnerable group exposed to malnutrition.
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Government should start sourcing for ventilators, the present situations is alarming. Palliative measures should be put in place to support citizens during lock dawn. Such should come as food stuff not necessary money.
I pray we would fight and defeat this virus.
Written By: Nr. Dathini Hamina MNSc. BNSc. RNM. PGDEd.
Lecturer Nursing Dept. University of Maiduguri.

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