Declaration Of Interest For The Position Of Nunsa National President

In this article you will read on Declaration Of Interest For The Position Of Nigerian universities nursing students association Nunsa National President

Declaration Of Interest For The Position Of Nunsa National President

The Host president, our various Nunsa chapter presidents North, Chairman LOC of this great Convention, Nunsa National executives present here, Nunsa National and chapter senators, executives from various chapters, my fellow Nunsites , all protocols duly observed and are highly respected.


My name is Sen. Reuben Markus Zirahgi, a 500 level student of the department of “Nursing Science “, University of Maiduguri. I worked with Medecins Sans Frontieres (msf-Ocp) an international Non-Governmental Organization as Nurse Aide in Gwange, Maiduguri. I am goal oriented, proactive, highly optimistic, self-motivated, energetic, dedicated, compassionate, empathic, and sympathetic where necessary.

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Leadership in my opinion, has less to do with leading but has much to do with serving. It has been said and I quote; where there is no vision, the people perishG in order words; where there are no leaders, the people suffer. This is why I stand before you as a visionary leader, to seek for the opportunity to represent this great and noble association as well as the entire students of this great association from various universities across the nation and Nursing profession in the forth-coming Nigerian Universities Nursing Students Association (NUNSA) elections for the 2019/2020 Academic Session.

If given the opportunity, I wish to vie for the position of the President of the Nigerian Universities Nursing Students Association (NUNSA). This is because I possess the knowledge and know-how of what it takes to serve in this capacity.

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Having served previously in the capacity of the following positions;

  1. President; National Association of Food Science and Technology Students (NAFSTS) Ramat Polechnic Maiduguri (2012/2013 Academic session) and was awarded the best president ever as indicated by my achievements.
  2. I have also served in the capacity of the Senior Special Adviser (SSA) on health matters to the Students Union Government (SUG) president of University of Maiduguri, 2018/2019 academic session.
    3.. I am now serving as Senator; Nigerian Universities Nursing Students Association (NUNSA) National Chapter. And marked as one of the most vibrant and capacity Senator in the red chamber.
  3. I am now serving in the capacity of General Secretary; Adamawa State Students Union (ADSSU) Unimaid chapter elected base on zeal and capacity.
  4. I am now serving also in the capacity of Chief of Staff; Nigerian Universities Nursing Students Association (NUNSA) Unimaid Chapter, appointed base on merit.
  5. Member editorial Committee; NUNSA National chapter.
  6. Writer of Nursing Articles, poems, quotes for the upliftment of the association and Nursing profession.

I will if elected base myself on four (4) fundamental General principles named by myself as TANI

  • T-ranparency
  • A-accountability
  • N-neutrality
  • I-mpartiality

I will commit myself to serve Nun sites, Nursing, and Humanity till nature call. I will encourage and enhance unity between the Degree and certificate Nurses as this will pave a way for progress in the profession.
I will harmonize all Nigerian Universities Nursing Students from different institution across the nation to have a common goal toward the achievement of our profession.
I will work in harmony with the various Nursing Association and related to initiate internship across the nation, and to push for the balancing of placement level of an intern Nurse and general Nursing students welfare.

Declaration of interest for the position of the nunsa national president


  • Exhibit Sound Leadership in the capacity I am elected.
  • Represent the Nunsites at all levels as well as protect their interest.
  • Encourage capacity building amongst Chapter leaders.
  • Bring possible and feasible projects into the Association.
  • Run with the Various Nursing Association and regulatory body for the welfare of Nunsites and impact on our dear Profession


  • Liaise with the leadership in bringing possible projects into the Associaton as well as follow up the projects until result is achieved.
  • Promote peace and unity amongst individuals and Nunsites, associations.
  • Facilitate the process of presenting Students’ needs to the higher authority.
  • Organize leadership forums where caman exercise their leadership potentials through; Teachings, seminars and talk-shows.
  • Improve and encourage team-work amongst my NUNSA executives and chapter leaders.
  • My calling to Nunsa is to serve not to be served
  • My calling to Nunsa is to make impact on Nursing profession
  • My calling to Nunsa is to be a leader not a boss
  • My calling to Nunsa is make Nunsites realize their potentials
  • My calling to Nunsa is to unite and ensure peace among nunsites
  • My calling to Nunsa is to harken to the welfare of Nunsites.

In Conclusion, , I want to appreciate you all for the opportunity to stand before you. Indeed it’s a great privilege. I would be thrilled to be given the opportunity to serve you although the choice is yours to make. However, I assure you that you will never be disappointed in me nor regret confiding in me and giving me the opportunity to be your leader for the period of one year.

Thank you all once again.

Signed: Sen. Reuben Markus Zirahgi
08135091283, 08087067893
[email protected]

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