Effective And Influential Leadership In Nursing

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Nursing as a profession began by the effort of an individual who had a vision and empowered others into seeing prospectively the like as she saw. This couldn’t have been achieved without the ability to influence and convince charismatically. Leadership in nursing is the process or action of influencing or guiding people to do a certain task or to achieve some targeted goals and objectives. It was in same vein, that Cook and Holt defined a leader as one who has a vision and empowers others.
A leader in nursing must practically be a person of discipline, great character presentation and nobility. Most times every registered nurse wants to be a leader without counting the cost. As the saying of the bible is true “who is he that wants to build a house and will not count his cost”? So that when he has finally gotten to some certain point he won’t have excuses of lack of resources, lack of manpower, etc. it is better to view oneself first from the lens of accountability, discipline, envisioning, ability to carry out responsibility and oversight functions. It is true that nursing currently needs effective leaders but are their truly effective leaders. This article will try as much as possible to elaborately summarize some of the necessary qualities and characteristics needed by nurse practitioners or registered nurses across the different cadre of nurses in Nigeria

Effective And Influential Leadership In Nursing



Every leader needs to have a vision. Your vision is your driving force. It is your propeller that makes you proactive. Every leader will surely get a reactive feedback from his followers. The more proactive you are the more and better reactive your followers will be. A nurse leader is one who is saddled with the sole responsibility of leading others into performing a certain task for the achievement or actualization of certain goals. When you don’t have define goals, spelt out objectives, and envisioned target then why are you leading or clamouring for leadership? A nurse leader must be able to identify problems and proffer elated possible solutions to them. Leaders who don’t have a vision are prone to leading astray.
Good and efficient leaders always seek for feedback mechanism. They are always open to criticism, advices, suggestions, proposals, contributions, counsels and other views and opinions about them. Creating a room for exterior consideration is keyed to helping you realize what your followers feel, believe or think about you? This will help you check and balance your services to them. It helps you to know the magnitude of impact you have done and
effective your leadership has been.
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The love for the people and for the profession is also vital and necessary for a successful discharge of your duties. Anything you love gets your attention the most. Whatever thing you cherish so much gets much of your time. when nursing leaders begin to express more love and begin to have this great passion for the profession it will get more of their time, decisions, plans, energy, resources, favourable policies, oversight functions etc. it is not far fetch that many nurses today who are leaders never wanted to become nurses until life circumstances made them who they are and so they find it difficult to love the profession instead are more concern about the handsome rewarding salary and remuneration. Efficient and effective leaders must supersede this level of perception, reasoning, ideology and philosophy.
Leaders be it in nursing education, administration, hospital environment or wherever one is placed must possess the will and zeal for enforcing or implementing nursing plans and goals. Most times it’s like a recycling cycle where leaders plan and never gets to implement them and the next time it goes on and on like that. Great leaders must device a fruitful and efficient mechanism for implementing any plan. Having plans without implementing them is as good as putting on an air conditioner in a desert.
Effective and efficient leaders must maintain the attitude of accountability, dignity and integrity. Having the necessary skills in the profession is key. You must be able to practice what you are instructing others to do. Have a reasonable knowledge in the profession in terms of skills and ensure to study hard. Be current in the trending medical and nursing journals. Be informed with related issues of health and how to advance it. The ability of a leader to be well informed and intelligent with the application of wisdom or true philosophy makes one a great and effective leader with quite a remarkable results of projects executed and professionally transforming decisions and policies made and enacted.

Written By Nr Danladi Aminu

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