FCT Interns Cry Admist Proposed Health Workers Strike

In This Article You Will Read About FCT Interns Cry Admist Proposed Health Workers Strike


It is not quite long when Comrade Deborah Yusufu a vibrant female nurse who doubles as NANNM chairman FCT chapter and JOHESU chairman FCT chapter declared that the joint health workers staff union will commenced a strike action having given the minister of FCT Mohammed Musa Bello an ultimatum to elapse 28th of May if the health workers salary is not paid. The said union through its spokesperson has lamented vehemently on the reason behind withholding their salaries. JOHESU which is a body of different professionals in the clinical sector has rendered its regression and disappointment against the failure of FCTA to compensate their efforts by paying them their remuneration which has lingered for over three months now.
It is shocking and amazing how health workers’ strike action could come up now looking at the critical time of pandemic we are in. speaking with our correspondent was an intern nurse who happens to be working in one of the FCTA hospitals who decided to keep it anonymous. Comrade Danladi Aminu who is an FCT indigenous nurse intern as well as the FCT nurses’ intern representative and the secretary general of AMAC students Association (ASA) expressed his displeasure for the looming crisis that lies ahead. He said, I heard as well as read about the proposed strike action already being considered by the FCT health workers as posited by the FCT NANNM chairman who doubles as JOHESU chairperson FCT chapter. I must say that from the look of things the proposed strike is a serious one. In as much as we know that this salary payment saga became intense when IPPIS was introduced the Minister must treat this delicate matter with caution and resilience so as to prevent the impending doom that is seemingly looming if this unprecedented strike is allowed to thrive. My pertinent concern is how the FCT interns will manage this crisis since they are supposed to be working under clinical supervision. It will short-circuit the training process herein. This will cause clinical decadence, increased mortality or patient’s disease outcome severity, hospital LAMA and other health related consequences.
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The interns in FCT are hereby humbly calling on the federal government through the minister and also all civil society groups in FCT to reach out to the FCT minister to remedy this situation favorably aforetime. I also use this medium to call on the minister to consider paying arrears of minimum wage to FCT interns including university of Abuja teaching hospital that has lingered since last year as many of them are about rounding off yet haven’t been paid as well as most importantly rectify all issues of members with pending salary remittance. According to our correspondent the tides were waving very high and close door meeting is expected by the members. The health workers await the FCTA response to the press briefing held concerning this issue because a stitch in time saves nine.

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