Fight Against Quackery In Nursing

In this article you will Read on Fight Against Quackery In Nursing

Fight Against Quackery In Nursing

Quackery in Nursing must stop while professionalism must be encouraged

I was in Narrow way private hospital in Benin City, Edo state precisely on the first Tuesday of the year 2019, when a group of people from the Hospital management and the accreditation team visited the Hospital. The Hospital trains auxiliary nurses and also employs the quacks. The team almost locked the Hospital but ended up not locking it, but subsequently, they fined the Hospital a payment of #200,000 and gave a warning to the trainees to go to school and also the auxiliary staff, they should in the next two (2) weeks change their uniforms from the white to off white color, this is because white is meant for the Registered Nurses (RN) and not for Auxiliary nurses.

Fight Against Quackery In Nursing
Following through, as a result of the warning I observe that auxiliary staff now wear the blue scrub while the trainees have been relieved of their duties by the Medical Director (MD). I was moved by this and as such thought in my mind that quackery in Nursing must stop in Nigeria and if it must! the time is now! It is about time we separate the weeds (quacks) from the seeds (the registered nurses).

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Nursing Profession in Nigeria is way backward compared to other countries due to the increase in quackery. The lives of many people must not be left in the hands of these quacks. The quacks portray themselves in a way that is deceptive to the perspective of nursing by the people. They sweep and mop the Hospitals, walked barefooted, they have poor Patient-Nurse relationship, poor command of English, they go about in dirty uniforms. All these attributes makes uninformed people conclude that Nurses are poor, dirty maids with no initiative. It saddens me to hear that many “auxiliary” Nurses are having sex with patients in the Hospital bed, selling a new born for #50,000 or thereabout. All these must be put to a stop!!!

Nursing must be made to have a good public image by eradicating quackery and ensuring that the registered nurses demonstrate utmost professionalism wherever they find themselves. The public need to be enlightened that Nursing is a respectable Bi-gender profession and that Nurses are not Doctors errand runners, promiscuous people, aggressive, unqualified, dirty and unimportant people.
The perception of people must be changed and it starts from me and you. The governing body should come out and do the needful, they should fight and win the battle over quackery in Nigeria, they should stand on their toes and lead the way while we follow.

Beware quacks always disguise themselves as Nurses, licensed to kill. As a Nurse, whenever you pay a visit to Private Hospitals or any other related Health care facilities, never forget to ask your Nurse that life saving question “ Are you a Registered Professional Nurse?” that simple question could save your life and lives of many others.

  • Quackery is cheap, recovery is expensive.
  • Life has no duplicate
  • Say no to quackery
  • Shine your eyes
  • Save your lives
  • Nurses are professionals
  • Long live Nursing profession
  • Long live N&MCN
  • Long live NANNM
  • Long live NUNSA

We are the descendants of Florence Nightingale, a lady with a lamp.

Nurse Umaru Isah

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  1. abdus sattar says:

    Being a nurse i feel that quackery should be shut in nursing,and what is happening in the world in form of quakery nurse is a blame for profession must be discoureged. thanks