How to Discover Interesting Opportunities on LinkedIn as a Nurse Professional

How to Discover Interesting Opportunities on LinkedIn as a Nurse Professional

Professional Networking
Few years ago, a friend introduced me to LinkedIn . At first , I was skeptical about joining the platform, because I felt it was too much of unnecessary attention on social media . After all, I wasn’t looking for a job 👁 👁 phew!
Reflecting back, I am glad to be part of this network . Curious to know this jackpot?

Why should I be on Linked in ?

LinkedIn is a professional social networking platform that has been before Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, You-Tube and Instagram . Over the past 10 years, LinkedIn host almost 740 million members with over 55 million registered companies.
How to Discover Interesting Opportunities on LinkedIn as a Nurse Professional
This shows an unlimited amount of network connections and job opportunities. While Facebook is the most popular social networking site today, LinkedIn has successfully achieved its purpose in building business and professional relationships .
Other benefits include; building a professional reputation , networking with nursing professionals from various fields in different part of the world, acquiring a broader view about the working environment, a platform for research about dream companies and also helps promote visibility on google ( Linked-In makes you searchable ).
If you want to make impact in your professional environment, I think it’s high time you create a linked-in account.

Getting started

1. Download a LinkedIn App
2. Register your name , email and password . Make sure the information you put in are valid .
3. Create a profile .
LinkedIn Profile
1. Start with your full name . Professionally , I recommend writing your first name before your surname ( Adetayo Adejorin ) or you write it this way (Adejorin, Adetayo). Use a professional picture ( no pouting, no distracting backgrounds ).
2. Headline : Your LinkedIn account is your mini resume. Such that, it contains updated information about your professional history . In writing an headline , ask yourself “ if I was asked to describe myself in an interview in two sentences , what would I say “
How to Discover Interesting Opportunities on LinkedIn as a Nurse Professional
Avoid headlines like ; student , final year graduate, looking for job , I am who he says I am.
Instead include your professional skills, value, projects and how you are an asset to any company that finds you or any team that works with you . E.g A licensed nurse professional dedicated to delivering quality care to patients or A registered nurse with career focus in Anaesthesia , capable of using ICT to improve health care . PS: this is not bragging or fake life , be sincere with who you are and what you can deliver .
3. About : This is where you sell yourself ( I mean professionally ). Be specific , Be creative and Be Real. This contains about 250-300 words .
Here, you talk about your career accomplishments (awards etc), specialities, skills, professional interest , showing a little bit of your personality.
LinkedIn is not a dating site .
Most importantly , connect to your friends and colleagues on LinkedIn as well connect to other professionals in your field with the mindset of forming professional relationships ( conversations like ; Hi! You look sexy . This is Insultive) instead , you can say ( Hello! My name is Adetayo, it’s nice connecting with you . I hope to have a great time networking with you . By the way , you look good on your profile.
Ask colleagues , team mates , lecturers to write a recommendation for you and also do likewise .
I hope I was able to touch some few things, if not all. If you find this helpful or you have any question , you can drop it in the comment section below .


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