How to Renew Nursing License in Nigeria

So immediately After Graduation, the First Licensing is given to eligible applicants, who had previously registered under the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria (NMCN), In this article you will read on how to renew nursing license in Nigeria

Registered Nurse or Midwife, is permissible to the renewal of his or her license according to section 5 of the Amended Decree 54 of 1988; which categorically enunciates that “No Nurse shall be allowed to practice or continue to practice in any year except such a Nurse has paid Licensing fees as prescribed by the Council.”

The licenses of certified and registered Nurses/Midwives who are currently practicing are renewable every three (3) years, with a renewal fee of Thirteen Thousand and one twenty five nairas (N13,125) only. A penalty of six thousand five hundred and sixty two nairas (N6,5602) for each year of default is to be paid by erring health practitioners. These fees are periodically reviewed and may change over time.


The following are the requirements for the Issuance of the Nursing And Midwifery License in Nigeria:

  • • Upload a scanned copy of your recent colored passport photograph with white background.

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  • • first steps is to Upload a scanned copy of your original Certificate of Registration issued by the Council
  • Second step Upload a scanned copy of your original Certificate of attendance for the Mandatory Continuing Professional Development Programme (MCPDP).
  • Make a Payment of N10,500 for renewal and a penalty of N5,250 for each year of default (only if you have defaulted) to the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria through REMITA on the renewal portal


• Completed licensing form

• Application letter for re-issuance of Licence

• A Photocopies of certificates of registration

• Photocopy of lost license (if available)

• Sworn court affidavit

• Police extract (if license is current)

• Original teller of payment of the prescribed fees of N8,750 only on Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria’s platform through REMITA payment.

The policies for the change of name as stipulated by the Council is as follows:

• Change of name is allowed for married women only and this applies to change in surname only.

• In addition or change of other names (first or middle names) is not acceptable.

• For a male Change of name is not acceptable.

• Only three consistent names in full will be acceptable for all the records of Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria records.

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