ICT Education For All Nurses A Compulsory Training For Advancement:

ICT Education For All Nurses A Compulsory Training For Advancement:

The world has grown so digital that e- learning has become the order of the day; in so much that it is almost impossible to neglect the use of ICT in all precessions. The healthcare system is increasingly becoming technology dependent. Consequently nurses in all regions of the world are expected to develop their information and communication technology (ICT) skills, and integrating ICT in the nursing curriculum is fundamental.
ICT Education For All Nurses A Compulsory Training For Advancement:
Thus judging from how global world digital and technical advancement especially in healthcare sectors both for treatment and other experimental purposes, there is a tendency that in a short while the entire society and the world system will adopt the system so much that anyone who does not embrace the opportunity and embrace these skill will be considered outdated, that is his/her manual services will no longer be relevant in health sectors especially in nursing profession, which is why the use of technology in nursing education is essential to prepare future nurses for the information technology workplace.
To analyze the use of information and communication technology (ICTs) by nursing professors in the teaching and learning process. Several Qualitative Study with an approach based on the the Straussian Grounded Theory were conducted with nursing professors at public and private nursing schools-in the Mid-West Region. The data result gathered thus showed that it was possible to identity the use of ICTs through social networks (YouTube, Facebook and WhatsApp) as positive technological teaching strategies in nursing learning. However for their implementation.
ICT Education For All Nurses A Compulsory Training For Advancement:
It is necessary to overcome challenges related to pedagogical practice, students’ access to technology and generational conflicts. These difficulties point to the need to discuss the organization aligned with the contemporary profile of the students, who are increasingly connected to technologies.
Therefore the role of ICT Education for the Advancement of Nurses and promotion of Quality Healthcare services cannot be overemphasized. This is because in today’s dynamic health systems, technology plays an important role in the education and nursing work. So it is very necessary to study the role of nurses and highlight the need for appropriate information technology educational programs to integrate with the ever increasing pace of technology. In a critical assessment of emerging technologies, the key element of nursing informatics implementation were considered as healthcare promotion, advanced systems, internet and network . In view of the nature of the development of the information age, it is required to receive necessary IT training for all categories of nurses. Die to the fast development of technology, in order to effectively take advantage of information technology in nursing outcome and quality of healthcare and to empower nurses.

Nurses has been working i n the field of information for the past four decades, it is considered a specialisation in nursing resources since 1984 ( Guenther&Peters, 2006) many aspects data recovery, ethics, patient care, decision support systems, human computer interaction, information systems, imaging informatics, Computer science, information science, security, electronic patient records, intelligent systems, e- learning and talenursing have been added to the field.


The competency of the nursing informatics specialist was determined through studying three categories including computer skills, informatics knowledge and informatics skills. It investigates four levels of nursing practice; beginning nurse, experienced nurse, informatic specialist and informatics innovator.

Computer skills

Selected computer skill competencies contain computerized searches and retrieving patient demographics data, the use of telecommunication devices and documentation of patient care, the use of information technologies for improving nursing care and the use of networks and computer technology safely.

Information Knowledge

These are the recognition of the use of data for improving practice, the recognition of the value of clinicians involvement in design, selection, implementation , and evaluation systems in the healthcare.

Information Skills:

Includes the interpretation of the information flow within the organization, the preparation of the process information flow chart for all aspects of clinical systems, the development of standards and database structures to facilitate clinical care, education, administration or research.
The history, definition and competencies of nursing information indicates it’s importance. It shows nurses are integrated into the field of ICT automatically. So they should be able to deal with it successfully to improve quality care out come. In this regard it is required to study the influence of nursing informatics on healthcare and make bold the appropriate information, communication technology educational needs for nurses.

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