Jubilation As Uk Nmc Restarts Osce For Foreign Nurses

In this article you will read on Jubilation As Uk Nmc Restarts Osce For Foreign Nurses

Jubilation As Uk Nmc Restarts Osce For Foreign Nurses

Overseas Nurses in the UK who have had their final licensure delayed can now heave a sign of relief as the UK Nursing regulatory board restarts OSCE Examination Nursesarena.com can confirm. In a release earlier today and sighted by Nursesarena.com, registration for OSCE begins today 2nd of July, 2020 while the first examination is expected to be conducted on the 20th of July, 2020. Below is the full details and the new guidelines for OSCE Exam.
Dear Candidate the Nursing and Midwifery Council have announced that all three Competence Test Centres (CTC) will reopen on Monday 20th July 2020 and bookings can be made from 2nd July 2020.
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Due to COVID 19 a number of minor amendments have been made to the Test of Competence OSCEs:
(a) In-hospital resuscitation will not be tested unless a candidate needs to resit this particular skill. In these circumstances the candidate will be advised of the health and safety precautions the centre has in place.
(b) The assessment station (all scenarios) will not have an actor and therefore the patient’s temperature, pulse, blood pressure, respiration and oxygen saturation will not be measured. Please verbalise and explain how you would complete each vital sign. After you have explained each vital sign, the examiner will confirm verbally the individual measurement and hand you a flash Nursesarena.com card containing the data which must be documented correctly on the appropriate observation chart. You must document all observations accurately before the end of the station.
You will therefore be assessed on your ability to document observations accurately. The station time has been reduced to 10 minutes

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