Justice For Nrs. Prince Ovwiomodiowho RN, RNA

My Dear Fellow Nigerian Nurses,

I am sad to announce to you that one of us, Nrs. Prince Ovwiomodiowho has been made an unsolicited casualty of the impunity and abuse of power by the lead nurses of the Nursing Services Department at the Olabisi Onabanjo University Teaching Hospital, Sagamu, Ogun State.
His only known offense is that he was caught in a labor crossfire between the leadership of the Nursing and the Ogun State chapter of the Nigerian labor Congress which declared an industrial action to press home the demands of its members for improved working conditions.
Confused about what to do with an illegal exploitative working condition that keeps qualified “unconfirmed” nurses working during industrial actions in the department, he reported to work but discovered that his primary post of duty had been shut down and so, proceeded to the CNO of patient’s care services who drafted him to the Children’s ward to work.
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It was while he was there that the NLC compliance squad came and ordered him out of the ward because, according to him, the strike was total and required all nurses whether confirmed or not, to vacate the hospital or face sanctions.
As a result of the above, he returned to the CNO’s office more confused as he is only about eight months old in the hospital’s service, and was once again ordered back to the ward to continue working.
On arrival to the ward for the second time, the NLC enforcement team returned, this time more determined and nearly got physical with him and so, he had to leave.
When he returned following the suspension of the strike action, he received a letter from the office of the CNO informing him of her decision to make him go through another round of orientation of units within the nursing department as his punishment for going on the strike with other nurses which did not expectedly go down well with him and so, approached me to intervene on his behalf as his unit and state NANNM abandoned him to his fate.
I contacted all the parties to what I can now say is a deadly conspiracy to intimidate, victimize and humiliate a younger professional colleague for no just cause, but got no inspiring response till this minute.
I contacted the OGUN state NLC Chairman, Mr. Bankole who a few times prior to our last communication told me that he was going to step in to put an end to the obvious victimization by a gang of obnoxious and objectionably inconsiderate and insensitive nursing leadership working in tandem with the unit and state NANNM officials who are supposed to be defending the interests of nurses at the hospital especially when they are being abused and violated.
Just a few days ago, he contacted me that he had been removed from the roster and that most painfully, his salary had been stopped without any written notification to him.
Prince has a young family with a new born and will have difficulties taking care of his family and paying his bills while his travails in the hands of our colleagues who are supposed to be his mentors lasts.
He needs our help at this trying moment, and we can’t allow him deal with his difficulty by himself. To this end, I am coming in humility on his behalf to seek your assistance with whatever you can muster as support for his family, especially his newborn who will be impacted by this Jim Crow action by those we ought to be looking up to for leadership if we don’t act.
Apart from doing your own part, you should please endeavor to share this message with every Nigerian nurse on your contact list.
Let’s build this new culture of cooperation with one thing on our mind that though it is Prince today, it could be anyone of us tomorrow.
It’s time Nigerian nurses stood up to the bullies from within in unity before confronting those outside with purpose.
I appreciate you all.
Smart Madu Ajaja, RN


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  1. Happiness Ahanonu says:

    This is totally unacceptable.
    Is this then how we’re supposed to mentor our younger ones coming after us? What legacy are we dropping?

    1. Behind d shine says:

      This is barbaric and radical view approach is required.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Nurses are the problem nurses have not even the government nurses ill treating fellow colleagues especially the younger ones and those old nurses have refused to retire to pave way for the younger ones. prince should be returned to work as i see no justification for removing him from service he shouldnt be remove lastly nurses learn to unite and love yourself that the only way to win our battles and move forward.

  3. RN Omo says:

    We say NO to junior Nurses victimization.. Enough is enough. Reinstate Nrs Prince back to work.

    1. RN Titus says:

      We say no to injustice and humiliation

    2. Omotara says:

      This is unprofessional and an injustice to all…I believe the nannm chairman is aware

    3. Sunny says:

      The senior nurses are turns on the flesh of the younger ones. Even when they do what is not right and you tend to speak out, they see it as insult on them. I think this incident should be made known to NANNM national/ FHI for immediate action. At least, this should be the first assignment of the FHI executives elected few days ago.

  4. Nurse Oyelakin says:

    Humiliated as a Nursing student in Nursing school, again as a Nurse in labour force.
    What exactly did we do to our leaders?
    Even if younger one’s did something wrong they should be corrected not victimized.
    Not to nw talk of this Nrs Prince scenario …

  5. Anonymous says:

    This also occurs even in my hospital unit. The leadership of the nursing unit in the hospital subjugate the staffs especially when u are lower than them. They ignore the ethics of professionalism by yelling at colleagues in the presence of doctors, patient, patient’s relatives and to every extent, the gate man. If they are asked what happened from their perspective, they have always have their way of putting the young nurse to blame.
    We all have stories to tell with the instance of the old seasoned nurses that refuses to let change happen. They are only few of the old generation nurses that are different.
    It’s high time we young nurses stand up for our right and ready to fight back because we are human beings with our own right as a people. This is getting too much and out of control. We can’t be punished like we are secondary school or still in nursing school or an institution.
    #I Stand Against Young Nurses Victimization

    1. Leemah says:

      I always say it since my nursing days that if those tutors have the opportunity of beating us. They would do it gladly and unapologetically. Why on earth would they do that? I’m really disturbed about the future of Nursing in Nigeria.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Sometimes, I weep for this profession…There is no love among Nurses and that is why the profession is still stagnated…Why Victimization? Doctors cover themselves but Nurses especially the superiors always pressurized those nurses under them….May the Lord help Nursing Profession.As for the young Nurse(Prince),God will vindicate you in Jesus Name

  7. J says:

    For how long are we going to suffer this in the hands of our superiors, Nurses are the problem of nurses. This boy is a very calm guy why this treatment Justice for prince

    1. Anonymous says:

      Nurses! Take heed, cos we the Younger generation nurses will no longer condole this bullying.If other Nurses went on the strike , why should prince be on duty? And the young nurse went to report to a CNO, a supposed Superior, his ordeal with NLC, yet CNO couldn’t intervene,rather u want him to go and face NLC and probably get the beating of his life,that same CNO at that point will even deny posting this Nrs Prince there, we know them, when the ships are down, you Will be left alone, they will all deny u and NANNM didn’t see it as their duty to protect their own member but they will know how to collect dues…Free this Younger Nurse@unknown CNO, Justice for Prince.### Bullying in Nursing must stop.@Restate#NrsPrince#else#protest.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I sincerely hope you carried out a thorough investigation from both parties. I wonder why his name be removed from payment voucher. Please try to explore more on this issue as we shall all be answerable to God who belongs to no party.

    1. Kweki says:

      If you know more about this story, then tell us. May God help Prince in this trying moment of his

  9. Ramzylar says:

    The management of that hospital should call her staffs to order bcos the humiliation, harrasments and matreatment of nurses in that hospital is becoming alarming.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Nurse prince should write an official protest letter to the hospital management and board, and copy his lawyer, nannm and Nlc in thay state. Oral pleas don’t solve such problems most times. But it’s Johesu that went on 1 week warning strike. Proposed NLC strike was cancelled. Let’s get the facts right.

  11. Opeyemi says:

    This is disheartening cos the profession keeps getting bad each day.
    I’ve been a victim of this bully several times. It must stop.

  12. Deborah Adeleke says:

    Lack of organization is everywhere, he is not to be blamed, d strike didn’t except him, why will there be strike that will benefit us and we will be working. Until we we can unite as one and be very decisive certain battles will not be won

  13. Kunbi says:

    Nurses!!! Why is it that we have been given bad names in the societies and we are living up to it. Why can’t we accommodate the younger Nurses. Even if they misbehave, there are better ways we can call them to order instead of being so aggressive. This behaviour is uncalled for. It is what you sow you will reap.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Other Nurses went on the strike, hence his primary post was locked ,so why is the CNO making a big deal out of Princ’s case, or ls there a personal beef? Would like to know wat action was taken against others that went on the strike too.

  14. Ibrahimdgambo says:

    If truly he’s innocent the branch NANNM of his centre should do something,help him give HIM all the necessary assistant he may require. NANNM is up to capacity to assist whatever the situation her member found his herself in. there’s no need to circulate this issue seeking for assistance for NANNM member it’s a total disgrace to nurses and NANNM in general. I hope NANNM either branch level state or national will do something concern this member as well case.

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