Kano State Ministry Of Health And It’s Commitment To Fight Quackery In The Health Care System: A Recreant And The Way Forward

In this article you will read on Kano State Ministry Of Health And It’s Commitment To Fight Quackery In The Health Care System: A Recreant And The Way Forward
Kano State Ministry Of Health And It’s Commitment To Fight Quackery In The Health Care System: A Recreant And The Way Forward
On the 16th of December, 2019, the first anti-quackery walk in nursing was carried out in Kano state during the 2nd zonal convention of the Nigerian Universities Nursing Students’ Association (NUNSA) which brings all nursing students from the various universities in the northern part of the country that offers the nursing program.
These vibrant nursing students sensitized the public on who a professional nurse or midwife is, who is a quack and the menace of quackery in the nursing profession and its effect on the health of an individual, family and the community at large.  The public were also sensitized on effect posed by illegal training schools that trains these quacks and also exploiting the gullible parents who are keen to see their wards or children joined the healthcare profession and more especially the nursing profession. They were enlightened to enroll them in accredited institutions which are the ones recognized by the regulatory body of the nursing profession in Nigeria which is the Nursing and Midwifery council of Nigeria (NMCN).
The students march down to the ministry of health where they were received by the representative of the commissioner of health and the Director Nursing Service, Kano state. They expressed their appreciation to the students and their initiative in ensuring that quality healthcare services are delivered by competent and licensed professional nurses and midwives. They reiterated their commitment and pledged to fight quackery not only in the nursing profession but in the health sector in general.
Kano State Ministry Of Health And It's Commitment To Fight Quackery In The Health Care System: A Recreant And The Way Forward
The students left with fulfilment that things will change for better in the healthcare system in Kano, both clinically and academically. But with dismay, a lot of malpractices happened and still happening in which nothing was done which contravene the ministry of health’s commitment to fight quackery in nursing profession and the health sector as a whole. A lot of private hospitals employ quacks in their hospitals and illegal schools were operating and training these quacks. All these were conveyed to the ministry but nothing was done.
This week, which is the first week of April, 2020, brings with it a poignant episode where a quack conducted an unprofessional delivery at home and in the process decapitate the head of the baby. This same quack is employed with a private hospital called Ahmadiyya Hospital in the state.
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This is one among the numerous menace of quackery in the nursing profession to the health of an individual, family and the community. And these sharp practices are one of the key causes that lead to an increase rate in maternal and neonatal mortality and morbidity.
This incidence should be an eye opener to the government to be proactive by laying down measures that will checkmate the activities of these quacks in the state and illegal schools that trains them. The government in conjunction with the ministry of health should focus more on the private hospitals or clinics in the state because these are grounds where quacks flaunts their sharp practices. It should ensure quality healthcare are delivered by qualified, licensed and professional nurses.
The public have a role to play in making sure they access quality healthcare in any healthcare institution or center by demanding for it and provided by a professional healthcare provider. They should also be aware that not all in whites are nurses, as such, they should be vigilant and report to the government any kind of malpractices happening around them.
To those who wants to enroll their wards or children in schools to become professional nurses, they should know that only schools that are registered and recognized by the council are allowed to train them clinically and academically in which they could be certified as registered and licensed nurses at the end of their completion of the program and after passing the council exam. The programs span for 3 and 5 years for schools of nursing and department of nursing in the university respectively.
The public should be aware that the following schools are those recognized by the council to train nurses in Kano state.

They include:
  • Department of Nursing, Bayero University Kano.
  • School of Basic Midwifery, Danbatta.
  • School of Nursing, Madobi.
  • School of Post Basic Nursing (Accident & Emergency Nursing and Orthopaedic Nursing) National Orthopaedic Hospital, Dala.
  • School of Post Basic Midmifery, Gezawa.
  • School of Post Pasic Paediatric Nursing, Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital.
  • School of Post Basic Anaesthesia,
  • Muhammad Murtala Specialist Hospital.
  • School of Nursing and Midwifery Kano.
  • Nafisatu College of Nursing Sciences, Kwankwaso.
  • Dan Sharu College of Nursing Sciences, Kano.

Remember, health is wealth. Therefore, we should try our best to make sure the right thing is done. The government, the public and the licensed and registered healthcare providers need to come together and fight this cankerworm that’s burrowing deep into the healthcare system.With this sad event that occur, if we didn’t take action now, more of such cases will keep on occurring.
Nurse Idris Abdul Ahmed (RN, BNSc)
[email protected]
Public Health Advocator

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