Lassa Virus Spoke With Our News Men Today

In this article you will Read about Lassa Virus Spoke With Our News Men Today

Lassa Virus Spoke With Our News Men Today

In response to the confirmed cases of lassa fever the virus yelled and express agony over the commitment of CDC against the virus toward achieving its will for spreading to the communiy hence challenging the health of populace.

Lassa Virus Spoke With Our News Men Today


Lassa virus; L V
Spoke Men ; SM
SM: what is ur name
L.V: As u named me
SM: It seams to be like you are not in a mood for the day.
LV: Yeah am nt , I am not happy at all.
SM: what’s up ?
LV : start shedding tears saying there are so many virus parasites and bacteria causing fever; such as my enemy plasmodium sp, salmonella sp , and my friend out there Ebola, but just because I infected some people two days ago CDC hates me,putting strategies,making awareness all over. I don’t even know even at health institutions actions are there Look at what doctors are doing, 🤔 :

  • They are examining pt with face mask and gloves.
  • They wash hands.
  • They prescribed indicated medications.

Oh my God The virus uttered,it then continues with intense worrying saying My great challenge are Nurses. They are busy putting response to me look at what they are embarking on:

  • keen observation and examination of the new patient for admission just to see whether there is one or more of my manifestation.
  • They organised special PPEs just for the rapid response against my presence
  • They provide and gather equipment for barier Nursing against any admitted patient coming to the word with only 1 or more of my cardinal sign and symptoms such as fever 38°C,bleeding, common cold symptoms, vomiting,swelling of face diarrhea, etc

Despite this,they are not keeping quite but rather notifying other personnel just for further investigation/regimen
Their most panicking intervention against me!!!!! the virus sighed and continued, is that the are teaching any in patients prior to discharge about good KHHP( key households practices) such as

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  • House hygiene
  • Personal hygiene
  • Hand washing before and after meal and after toilet
  • Use of Rodent proof containers
  • Clearing of unnecessary and unwatted households items in parlor and bedroom
  • Good care of kitchen utensils. The virus pause an wipe its tears saying I hate nurses, who take standard precautions such as
  • Hand hygiene before attending patients
  • Handling of contaminated equipment cautiously
  • Proper west disposal.
  • Hmmmm some they even request additional gowns, hand gloves, Face mask,etc just to add on, in order for any presumable case.

The virus while explaining it lamented that,despite all this it will not hesitate to attack laboratory personnel, at that scene one young Med lab Scientists said you Idiot we are Handling any specimen with caution and let me assure u that despite traditional precautions we are practicing.

we employ the following just to respond to the menace

  • Any specimen brought we consider it to be harzadous containing you ,(the scientists then pinch the virus’s DNA with his hand doned in gloves)
  • When we get back home we taught our wives friends relatives to be hygienic
  • Above all,let me tell you From the beginning up to the last time of these incidence none of us is dining with hand,we are using spoons and forks after hand hygiene.

Finally the virus erupted into sorrow with tears oozing saying I don die ooooh CDC, Nurses Doctors other personnel hate me I will not last long they want to conquer me and my soldiers(rodents especially,rats ).then Ebola came and ,muttered on the virus saying just go to the community and hide and continue squandering them I will employed big big rats to help u. Salmonella bacteria and and plasmodium falcifarum elder sister of Vivax,ovale ,malariae, and their last bone, burst into laughter and said to lassa virus,look there is community Health workers, swear they will not leave u , don’t u know about . Quarantine, Contact Tracing, public awareness etc. You are sorry pharmacist are there they make rivabirin and this Doctors are prescribing it, the virus suddenly fell down and die instantly.

 I hope u  will take note
Nursing Department. GH,KTN.
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  1. Sumayyah Abdullahi says:

    This is so much educative and interesting as well.Nurses are great.