LEADERSHIP BEYOND THE TITLE AND POSITION by Olabanji Joel Written to the newly elected NANNM executives.

LEADERSHIP BEYOND THE TITLE AND POSITION by Olabanji Joel Written to the newly elected NANNM executives.

Leadership position is something almost everyone of us desire, we want it because of various reasons but many want it because of the title, benefits and opportunities attached to it. However, the intention of an aspirant before acquisition of a leadership position determines what he does when in the place of authority.

To the new National NANNM executives who has been elected by the delegates, this piece is a call unto you all because the Nigerian Nurses are frustrated and yearning for a better Nursing. NANNM is an association meant to protect the interest of the nurses and not an association to make few persons in the profession richer whereas allowing our profession to be downtrodden.
To the new executives, problem solving should be the focus and not witch hunting of those pointing out the present looming problems in the profession. I think I should remind the newly elected executives that the best out of nursing is what we all desire, the growth of the profession is the reason behind our cries, an end to the retrogressive state of the profession is what we want and doing all these will help take away the frustration of many and ease the angry heart of those pained.
Truth be told, nursing under the previous administration almost ended in a chaos, towing the same path with the previous administration will cause further chaos which will cause continuous damage and disintegration to the profession. The previous administration acted as all in all by refusing to listen and act on the calls of the young nurses who vented our their displeasure against several actions taken by the leaders. Leadership without consultation and dialogue with the stakeholders will end up working against the needs of the stakeholders.
Beyond the title and position are responsibilities which must be promptly carried out, a leader who fails in adequately fulfilling his responsibilities becomes an irresponsible leader. At this point, the competency of the executives depends on what we see you people achieve, we have no reason to question your competency but also don’t give us reasons to question it later on and don’t give us reasons to question your intentions before picking up the form for the position.
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The young ones in the profession are the majority, we have all it takes for the profession to grow, we are ready to give in our best for the success of this administration but we can only do all these if you leaders want us to be actively involved in the administration, we might seem not to know what is going on in-house but it’s the duty of you to communicate promptly so that we can be well informed. The media has made communication easy, maximise it and make sure you give the youths a sense of responsibility.
Finally, I hope the new executives would think outside the box to make things better in the profession, see the fighters in Nursing as those who solely want the progress of the profession and don’t see us as threats to your position or authority. Maximize the potentials of nurses for the growth of nursing, nursing should be better than this but lack of good leadership has made us a downtrodden profession, we demand of a responsible administration, we demand growth and we demand policies that won’t demean the profession. We have all that is needed in Nursing to be great, please take charge and let’s see results.
By Olabanji Joel


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