Lists Of Nursing Courses In Nigeria (undergraduate)

Nevertheless, you will study 97% of the nursing courses listed here. in this article, we outline Lists Of Nursing Courses In Nigeria (undergraduate)

The following Nursing courses listed here do not follow the traditional course structure, and they have been arranged in alphabetical order. Notwithstanding, the list here covers 100 level courses, 200 level courses. 300 courses, 400 level courses and 500 level courses

Lists Of Nursing Courses In Nigeria (undergraduate)

100 Level Courses

  • General Biology
  • Basic Principles of Chemistry
  • Basic Principles of Organic Chemistry
  • Physical chemistry
  • Statistics
  • Physics Practical
  • Practical chemistry
  • Use of English
  • Use Of Library, study and skills

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200 Level Courses

  • Foundations Of Nursing
  • Perspectives Of Nursing
  • Clinical Nursing Practice
  • Biostatistics
  • Human Gross Anatomy
  • Histology
  • Embryology
  • Endocrinology and Reproductive
  • Basic Medical and Parasitology
  • Human Physiology/Blood
  • Application of Computer
  • Gastrointestinal Tract (GIT) & Cardiovascular 1
  • development of psychology
  • Clinical Practice/experience
  • Peace and complict Resolution

300 Level Courses

S/NCourse TittleLecture Hours
1.Medical Surgical Nursing2
2.Medical Surgical Nursing Practicum2
3.Community Health Nursing2
4.Psychology Applied To Nursing2
5.Medical Sociology2
6.Basic Nutrition in Nursing2
7.ANA head and neck2
9.Respiratory System2
10.Renal physiology2
11.Cardiovascular System 22
13.Pharmaco Dynamics and Systemic pharmacology2
14.General Pathology2
15.Maternal and child health Nursing2
16.Maternal and child health Nursing Practice2
17.Nursing Ethics and Philosophy2
18.Fundamental Of human Behavior2
19.Environmental Health2
Lists Of 3O0L Courses

Lists Of 400 Level Courses

S/NCourse TittleLecture Hours
1Research Process3
2Menral Health & Psychiatric Nursing3
3Advanced Medical Surgical Nursing5
4Maternal and child health Nursing and Family Planning 4
5Management Of Nursing Care service3
6Curriculum Development and Teaching Methodology3
7Principle of Education
8Advanced Medical Surgical Nursing Practice4
9Maternal and child health Nursing & family planning Practice 14
10Teaching and management Practice0
11Medical jurisdiction2
12Business Creation and Growth2
13Research Process 23
14Mental health Nursing 23
15Adcanced Medical Surgical Nursing 24
16Maternal and child health 23
17Practicum 24

Lists Of 500 Level Courses

S/NCourse TittleLecture hours
1Advanced Community Health Nursing4
2Advanced Community Health Nursing Practice 14
3Advanced Maternal and child health Nursing3
4Advanced Maternal and child health Nursing Practice3
5Seminar In Nursing 13
6Nursing Informatics2
7Health Economics2
8Seminar In Nursing 24
9Research Project4
10Advanced Health Psychiatric Nursing4
11Advanced Maternal and child health Nursing 24
12Advanced Community Health Nursing 24
Lists 500 Level Courses

Lists of Elective Courses At 500 Level

First SemesterSecond Semester
1.Opthalmic Nursing Paediatric Nursing
2. Intensive Care NursingPeri – Operative Nursing
3. Orthopedic NursingOrtho – Rhino Laringology
4. Dermatology NursingCardiotoxic Nursing
5. Radiology in NursingAnaesthetic Nursing
Occupational Health Nursing

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