Message To All Nursing Leaders: Nursing In Nigeria is Devalued State

In this article you will read on Message To All Nursing Leaders: Nursing In Nigeria is Devalued State

Message To All Nursing Leaders: Nursing In Nigeria is Devalued State

This write up is directed to the Nursing leaders in the country and the entire populace. Amidst all issues bothering Nursing in Nigeria, it saddens my heart to see the backwardness in the thinking of the Nursing leaders. Why should a right thinking person in this present time demean a profession that is still fighting so hard to stand upright amidst her pairs in the health sector? Many would say the youths are the problems in the Nation but I would say that the older people are the major problems because they occupy a larger proportion of the leadership and decision making positions in the country.
Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria (NMCN) just sent a circular establishing a 2 year community Nursing program. The question is why should that happen now? Is that the way forward to stopping the Nurses leaving the country? Why should a right thinking leader demean his noble profession? Presently, the young Nurses are agitating for the integration of the Schools of Nursing into Colleges so as to be able to award Nursing degrees thereby equalizing the qualifications of all Nurses across board, still on this agitation, the leaders of the profession then release a circular introducing a even lower certificate into the profession. So sad. How can Nursing stand in the country where almost all the sectoral leaders suffer from misplaced priorities and lack of advisers? Instead of working on the cause of emigration by the Nurses, the unconcerned leaders introduces another form of education which will make Nurses more of a devalued professionals.
Amongst the professionals in the health sector, Nurses are the least paid with unfavourable working condition and the regulating body isn’t looking into that? Why are our leaders thinking backwards and pulling the profession to the mud? The one time beautiful profession is getting derailed on a regular basis in the country. The selfish interest, myopic and visionless act of the leaders in Nursing has led the once beautiful profession to a rickety profession without values. Why should a man make policies to favour a part or region at the detriment of others? To the leaders in Nursing who don’t have good plans for the profession, please just retire honourably because the humble Nurses are being frustrated at their place of work and community.
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Don’t doubt the power of frustration. All we want is an end to all Schools of Nursing and more creation of Colleges for the award of Nursing Degrees. We don’t want more derogatory schools, enough of the insults, pains and humiliation. The regulating body of Nursing (NMCN) and the political arm of the profession (NANNM) should work on making the profession better and not making it worse but it has been shown to all that all what they care about is money. All those who attended Schools of Nursing paid heavily and this is a major factor why the regulating body won’t close down or convert the school but we are frustrated and tired of recycling the old ways without progress.
The Community Nursing program as proposed won’t stand!!! Nursing leaders are the ones sending us out of the country, they are killing the future of Nursing in Nigeria, they are demoralising those left in Nigeria and they want to cause more havoc on the health of the patients. Note: We are product of yesterday’s generation and all we want is a well structured future and not a mesmerized future.
Thanks. By Olabanji Joel. A Nurse….. A Writer and A Socialist

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