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Last week, over 3000 students graduated to become registered nurses and midwives across 265 schools/colleges of Nursing and midwifery In Nigeria.
The big question in most of their minds is “WHAT NEXT?”
Yes, “what next”

  • To some, it’s a continuation of education.
  • To others, it’s most likely they start searching for a job to get good clinical experience.
  • To many, it’s traveling out of the shores of the country to explore international opportunities for career development.
  • While some will be getting married and venture into entrepreneurship.

Whatever the case might be for any of them, we as senior colleagues have a special role to play.”YES” you and I have a pertinent role to play in helping them achieve their career goals and objective.

To be a senior colleague is to:

1) Be able to groom the younger generation of nurses towards achieving their dreams.
2) A senior colleague is one who sends a recommendation to a junior colleague for either a temporary or permanent employment.
3) A senior colleague is not one that waits for a younger colleague to ask for help and assistance before rendering help: you should take it as your duty whether or not the junior colleague is bold enough to walk up to you for help.
4) A senior colleague is not one that wants a junior colleague to go through the struggles and hurdles he/she went through before getting a job. You have been blessed with a job to help others. Everyone must not sleep in a church in Lagos for 7 days because you did the same.
5) A senior colleague is not someone that replies “NA GOD OH” when he/she is asked how they got a visa to practice outside the country. Did God take you from your dreams straight to the US, UK, or Canada?
6) A senior colleague should be able to provide or assist the younger one with temporary accommodation and groom the junior colleague on how to save to secure his/her own as soon as possible. That’s how stars do.
7) A senior colleague should demonstrate enviable attributes that the junior colleagues can look up to for personal and professional development. You can’t be a senior colleague with over 5 years of experience with no degree, post-basic or remarkable academic or career achievement that will inspire a junior colleague to be like you.
And for the newly graduated nurses and midwives, I say congratulations to you all.
Irrespective of whether you receive help from the senior colleagues or not, you have a special and unique role to play in your career growth and professional development. The job market has changed and there are new skills you need to learn to be able to compete favorably with other 3000 newly qualified nurses from Nigeria.

Here are 3 tips that can assist you to get a job:

1- Many jobs are being circulated within a closed network or group of friends. The bigger your network the better it’ll be for you (join as many WhatsApp and telegram group as possible, don’t wait for one website. activate Linkedln and optimize it to take advantage of the numerous opportunities available there.
2- Employers/HRs preferences are shifting to referrals and recommended applicants. Your network should know your strengths and exclusivity to be able to recommend(seek recommendations from senior colleagues from your school. Call them and inform them that you are now a registered nurse and ready to take up roles if available.this might not be possible because many of you don’t greet your senior colleagues, I doubt if you will be bold enough to call someone that you don’t regard or greet for a job referral)
3- Start investing in yourself to create your brand. There will be many like you but only you can make yourself distinct from the other 1 Job 100 applicants! Think, how to win? (Take online and offline courses that will boost your chances of getting a good job. Enroll for BLS, ACLS, ECG, First and other courses that can increase your chances of getting a job).One investment you can never regret is investing in yourself. Try it.
4)If you desire to travel abroad, I will advise you to start asking for the necessary questions and find those who can assist you through this process. (There is no need to stay in a society where you are tolerated when you can become a nurse where you can be celebrated).
This journey after nursing school can be very easy if you are strategic, and also difficult if you fail to plan and network effectively.
•I can assist you Fix your CV/Resume
•I can help Fix your Cover Letters
•I can help Optimise your LinkedIn Profile
•I can assist with daily job adverts via HIC WhatsApp group
Some might get jobs before others, some might also be paid more than others.
Never be in a competition with your colleagues, but with yourself.
Competition is for those with less confidence and lower self-esteem. Differentiation and uniqueness is the hallmark of creativity
Your job is out there. Don’t give up.
Princewill Aghedo DNI
Descendant of Nightingale
Male photo model: Orji Chike
Female photo model: Tag her when you see her

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