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1. To be qualified to vote and be voted for, interested candidate must be in good financial standing in the Association and shall not be in arrears of check-off -dues for more than three months.
2. Must have been positively and actively involved in the activities of the association for a period not below two years.
3. Must have clean records with proven evidence of such from his/her previous position (s) in the association or professional service areas.
4. Those who have completed two terms in one position are not eligible to contest the same position.
5. Must have a valid NANNM Membership card and license from N&MCN.
6. Registration with NANNM at the event of the election by obtaining registration forms will not be entertained. All duly completed registration forms must be submitted to headquarters and acknowledged before the election to avoid any form of manipulation
7. Contestants must be nominated by two sponsors who Are nurses from the unit branch and who has the eligibility requirements.
8. He/she must complete and return the nomination forms for the election
9. Must submit a brief manifesto.
10. Must appear before a screening committee constituted by the national/state Secretariat.
11. He/she must not have been indicted or found guilty by any panel or committee whether in NANNM or outside.
12. Members of the immediate dissolved national/state administration council of the association shall not have voting rights except he/she is an accredited delegate of his/her unit branch to the conference


1. Election into office at all levels shall be by secret ballot.
2. No officer shall hold two posts in the Association at the Same time, either at national, state, unit or any of the specialist groups recognized by NANNM Constitution.
3. Delegates shall be drawn from unit branches that are financially up to date in remittance of check-off dues In line with the relevant provisions of NANNM Constitution.
4. Result of each election must be announced as soon as the votes cast are counted.
5. Agents of contestants must witness and be involved in the counting of the votes.
6. All members of the state Executive council and National Executive Council within the state are automatic delegates to the con .
7. Items for inclusion in the agenda of the national/state conference from the unit/state branches and or individuals shall be forwarded to the general Secretary/state Secretary to reach him/her not later than four weeks before the delegates conference.
8. The State Executive Council shall have power to determine items to be included in the agenda and the order of priority.
9. The agenda of the conference shall be forwarded to the unit branches not later than two weeks before the conference.
10. Screening of candidates should be concluded at least one week to the date of the delegates conference.
11. Only accredited members are eligible to vote and be
Voted for.
12. Members with less than four years to retire are eligible to contest, however will cease to hold the office/post on the effective date of retirement in line with the decision of National Delegates Conference 2016.


There shall be at least a 5-man screening committee. The members of the committee must be people proven integrity and highly placed in the Profession.
Preferably the heads of nursing one each from FHI, MOH, LGSC, HMB and one other member to serve as the secretary of the committee. Members must be a valid (financial) member of the association.
1. Members of the screening committee must be financially up to date in line with provision of the Constitution.
2. Members must certify/poses the eligibility criteria as candidates for the election.
3. Under no circumstance shall members of the National Administrative Council (NAC) and State Administrative Council (SAC) Serve as members of the screening committee.
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4. Members of the screening committee must be impatial, having no interest in any candidate, and without any ambition to contest any of the posts.
5. Results Of Screening exercise must be handed over to the returning officer on the day of arrival.
6. The members of the screening committee shall appoint a chairman among themselves.
7. The screening committee shall start sitting and submit report within one week of inauguration.


To ensure that the election is hitch free and Fair, the Secretariat must provide the following.
1. Projector
2. Screen
3. Delegates list which must be authentic and current shall be submitted to the returning officer for records.
4. The following will be involved in the election:

  •  The police to provide security
  •  NLC Official (s) as invigilator
  • Federal ministry of labour officer in the state/office of the registration of trade unions.

5. Copies on report presented at the conference should accompany the report of the electoral officer to the NANNM Headquarters immediately after the conference.
6. The posts of National President, Deputy National President, Chiarman And Vice Chairman Requires Experience and are preferably for individuals that have served at NAC/ SAC Level or any higher organ of the association
7. Campaign posters and sourenirs are not allowed, however typed handbills are permissible including line up of posts. This is in a bid to avoid cost and money influence.
8. Violators will sanctioned accordingly


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