Nigeria And The Pandemic Disease

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The way things are going it seems the country not ready for this outbreak, i am imagining what will happen if the outbreak hit us like other nations despite the recorded cases some hospital health workers are still using their money to buy hand gloves, hand sanitizer and face mask, NCDC have only five (5) testing centres asymmetrically distributed, the only thing you will hear from our governors is press release given directive for people to stay at home, apart from those isolation centres with active cases, i believed most of those without active case have no PPE readily available. Avoiding crowd and staying at home is very vital in disrupting infection transmission in regard to COVID 19  if all people stay at home as directed by the government, is there any palliative measures federal government and state governments have for the people? If yes then is a good development if no i think staying at home will be difficult since greater percentage of Nigeria population go out daily to get what to eat for a day, a Nigerian belonging to this group will prefer  to die having COVID 19 than to die of hunger, without adequate arrangement if the pandemic hit hard which we are not praying for, if over the so called isolation centres will not accommodate people with malnutrition and other complications.
I read that NCDC are still tracing more than 4000 contacts, i begin to think is this politics or the employees of the agency are not having the required qualifications to be there.
Nigeria And The Pandemic Disease
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I also heard minister of health that they will recall retired health workers which everyone knows retired = tired, people above 55 or 60 years how many hours actively can they care for their clients? Those that mean minister of health didn’t know the epidemiology of COVID 19? To me they need employ young active persons who are looking for government job for many years, train them and make them readily available and aftermath of the pandemic they can distributed to various hospitals. With less than 100 cases already 3 health workers are affected, front line professionals like Nurses and Doctors without Personal Protective Equipment is like sending soldiers to war unarmed, they can be easily attacked, easily spread the virus and the battle will be lost. With the current situation i think all emergency unit in hospitals should have adequate PPE so that first contact health professionals should not be at risk.
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The governments should once be serious:

  1. – Stay at home directive – the government should interact with professionals and  experts to see our palliative measures will be instituted.
  2. – Every state should have a diagnostic centre.
  3. – The government should ensures that adequate/original Personal Protective Equipments and other gadgets are readily available in all hospitals.
  4. –  Welfare package should be readily available to health workers and other exempted workers.
  5. – The government should employ more health workers (Nurses and Doctors).
  6. – Hand sanitizers and face mask should be made available at community level.
  7. – Government should interact and convince religion leaders on what is COVID 19 and what role they suppose to play.
  8. – Government should ensure that all isolation centres should be conducive for human beings, the health workers and clients.
  9. – Lastly,  we should remember to repent and pray, surely the creator of the universe will protect us from the deadly virus.
Thank you
Nurse Abdulra’uf Mohammed Abdullahi
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