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Nurses Uniform Styles In Nigeria

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Do you want to know about Nurses Uniform Styles to see In Nigeria? Get the answer here to know the nurses uniform styles in Nigeria to suit your work life

The Nursing uniform serves as a form of identity to the Nurse, though the intended aim of the uniform was to offer protection against infectious agents, the traditional dress, pinafore apron, and nurse’s cap were tailored to serve this purpose and also because most of the earlier Nurses were Nuns.

The long-sleeved, full-length dresses with aprons were meant to protect nurses from various infectious agents as there were no masks, gloves, or disposable aprons to protect the nurses from the entry of microbes back in earlier days as it is now.

The caps were designed by the nuns to pack and cover their hairs but were also introduced alongside the white gown and apron into the nursing uniforms and this led to the practice of capping ceremony for newly admitted nurses as a rite of passage and a symbol of the profession.

Nurses Uniform Styles

Historical Background

Before the 19th century, the Nuns primarily took care of the sick and injured, and after receiving their nursing training they were popularly referred to as “sisters”. These nuns also trained others to become nurses, so, their style of dressing was passed down to the trainees.

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It is also recorded that one of Florence Nightingale’s students designed the original uniform for the nursing students which became a trend over time until later years when it started seeing various modifications.

Influence on the Nigeria Nurses’ Uniform

Nigeria was a part of Great Britain and with African nurses trained according to the standards of the Great Britain nurses, the white nurse uniform was introduced into the Nigeria nursing system, hence the culture of the white dress, apron, and cap practice amongst the Nigerian Nurses.

Influence of Nurses’ Uniform on Nurses’ and Patient’s Perception

A study stated that nurse’s uniform plays a role in creating a nursing identity for over a long period, also changing the culture of work and thought, and this is true in every sense as the uniform creates a sense of pride to the professionals and with recent trends within the healthcare settings, the dressing style is also impacted to suit the work demand and also enhance flexibility which in a sense improves Nurses’ comfort while working and contribute to increased work productivity.

Another study also stated that the choice of color and type of uniform Nurses wear influences the patient’s perception of nurses’ professionalism.

Nurses’ uniforms vary by roles, ranks, specialty, and level of experience contrary to the popularly held belief that all Nurses wear white. For example, a Nurse within the clinical setting wears a uniform that is different from that of a nurse working in the community setting. These uniforms also differ within the clinical setting as a Nurse working on general wards wears something different from a peri-operative Nurse or intensive care unit Nurse. A student Nurse wears an entirely different set of uniforms, likewise a Nurse working in an NGO or occupational health nurse.

Nursing leaders within an organization also play key roles in determining the kinds of uniforms the employed Nurses wear which are tailored to meet the standard of the professional governing body.

Scrubs Uniform

Nowadays, the traditional white uniform with caps is being replaced by scrubs which were originally designed to be worn in operating rooms and emergency rooms.

Scrubs are modern medical uniforms that are usually short-sleeve shirt and pants, it has a wider variety of colors and patterns based on the area of work or specialty. Scrubs started gaining waves in the year the 1990s and are now trendy in this century.

Nurses Uniform Styles

Scrubs are being chosen over the conventional nurses’ wear especially due to the ease and flexibility it affords, some believe it is easy to work in and also easy to laundry, unlike the dress uniform.

Asides from preventing cross-infection, the choice of clothing material used for its design make it lovable, additionally, it creates a sense of fashion, who wouldn’t like to look awesome and smart? So it becomes easy for it to gain waves, especially among the new generation of Nurses who think the traditional dresses are outdated, hence the need to embrace the modern nursing uniform (scrubs).

Scrubs also come in different beautiful colors which creates a sense of diversity from the traditional white nurses’ uniform.

Male Nurse Uniform

Due to the era of white dress and caps, male nurses wear entirely different sets of uniforms but with the recent trends of scrubs among Nurses, male nurses’ uniforms are now gender-neutral, they wear the same style as their female counterparts.

Different Nurse’s Uniform Styles In Nigeria

The uniform styles for Nurses in Nigeria fall under these two (2) major categories.

  1. White uniform, cap, and apron
  2. Scrubs of different colors.

We will now look into these uniform styles Nurses wear in Nigeria according to different institutions;

Nurses Uniform Styles

Government hospitals

The conventional white uniform with caps and apron is still maintained in the majority of the government-owned hospitals, though they have embraced the use of scrubs, these are only worn in certain settings within the hospital, with the white uniform still seen on the general wards.

You should also note that the design pattern of the white uniform varies according to the rank and level of experience of the nurses.

Private hospitals

The private hospitals seem to have embraced the advent of scrubs more than the government-owned institutions. Nowadays, it is rare to find private hospitals with white uniforms in the country.

Nurses Uniform Styles

In conclusion,

Nurses’ uniform is a mark of professionalism that shapes the image of Nursing positively, it is, therefore, essential that nurses endeavor to maintain the highest standard of professionalism in their dressing to create a positive impression on the public.

This article is written by Mayowa Racheal Popoola
Nurse, Writer

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