Nursing Is A Full Blown Profession Not Aprenticeship

In this article you will Read about Nursing Is A Full Blown Profession Not Aprenticeship

Nursing Is A Full Blown Profession Not Aprenticeship

It all started shortly after my final qualifying examination in nursing school, I applied for a Jobstetricsrivate hospital. I was called for an interview and was asked to start work the following day. It was an obstetric and gynaecology specialist hospital, so it was an opportunity for me to gather enough experience in that speciality.

It was barely two weeks after resumption of duty that I started observing certain strange behaviours from two of the nursing staff. They were not familiar with the nursing process (a framework designed to provide systematic, individualized, client-centred and holistic care to patients), their communication skill (to patients and co-workers) was unprofessional, their nursing practice was obsolete and lacked scientific rationale.

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They were bold and fearless, damning the consequences for their actions. Their zeal was without knowledge. They looked more like apprentices. So I started some research to know who they really were. I later discovered they were not Registered Nurses (RN). I was shocked. So I had been working with quacks all this while? To cut the long story short, I resigned and got another job.

The whole essence of sharing the above piece is to clearly bring to light what the Nursing profession stands for. Nursing is both an art and a science. It is a full-blown profession. It is not (and will never be) apprenticeship. Nursing cannot be taught by one doctor in his hospital or clinic. The best of medical doctors cannot impact Nursing knowledge, skills, ethics and values because they are not trained to do so. We don’t do “freedom” in Nursing. That term is alien to us. Anyone who wishes to be a nurse should go to a nursing school that is accredited by the Nursing and Midwifery Council of the country, or better still go to any University offering Nursing as a course and accredited by the University Commission of that country. Any other route is a mere waste of time, money and effort.

Don’t be deceived, it is not everybody you see in the usual white nurses uniform or scrub that is a nurse. And that is why you must always ask, “Are you a registered nurse?”, and watch out for the reaction and response. Don’t be afraid to ask. It is your right. Some came in through the window; they do not have what it takes to enter through the door. They are thieves. Their mission is to STEAL, KILL AND DESTROY. Our dear country is still suffering from the havocs these folks have wrecked and still wrecking through their ignorance.

Nursing Is A Full Blown Profession Not Aprenticeship

But is it fair to heap the whole blame on them? What about their trainers? I dare to say those who train them are like them. They (their trainers) are in a dire need of slaves who will run errands for them, wash their clothes, fetch water and carry out other hospital and domestic works. They could even shout on them and slap them when they misbehave. And after an agreed number of years, they gather family and friends together celebrating MEDIOCRITY disguised as “freedom”. They have even stepped up now; it is has been rebranded as “graduation”.

There is hardly any private hospital you go to this country that these QUACKS are not found. The hospital owners are their automatic employer. They also go from house to house, doing private practice. Quacks are toxic to society, so they are not wanted. Some quacks have made several attempts to sneak into government hospitals but were detected and ejected. Some sneaked in successfully but the periodic verification of results exposed them.

Hospital owners, in a bid to minimize cost, employ these QUACKS and pay them peanuts and eventually turn them to their slaves, running all kinds of errands. This is the perspective of a nurse by an average Nigerian. What a wrong misrepresentation! So what you watch in Nollywood is a reflection of the ignorance of a large percentage of the populace. It is a big shame fplungingtry like ours.

Please, if you have friends and families who are already into quackery or who planning plunging into it, discourage them from doing so because it is a disservice to humanity. They administer drugs without sound knowledge of pharmacology. They dress wounds without any knowledge of aseptic techniques. Their first line of management has always been copious and liberal intravenous fluid administration irrespective of the disease condition. We have lost counts of the number of lives their actions and inactions have claimed.

Parents, stop sponsoring your children to kill. Stop supporting them to cut short precious lives. Encourage them to go to school to receive proper training so that they can be productive, serve humanity and save lives. By so doing, your own lives too will be secured. You never can tell if you will end up in their hands when in serious danger. You reap what you sow.

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