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  • You will never have time of your own as leisure, you are always occupied.
  • You will keep on loosing friends and families due to unexpected reasons.
  • You will be busy even at the time of prayers, no more Sundays, no more sallah celebrations or Christmas or new year.
  • You will love your patients more than any one.
  • Your priority always is to see that your patient are in comfort.
  • You will buy a very nice car but always parked inside the hospital.
  • You will build a very nice house but always on calls and night duties in the hospital.
  • You will buy very expensive clothes but always with uniforms.

You will buy very scents and sprays but live under the antiseptics of the hospital.

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Only In Nursing - Nurse Umar Isah

  • You will be slapped by the patients relative for not saving their loved ones despite trying to your best.
  • Spent sleepless night reading just to ensure somebody is safe not knowing his / her religions, tribe, ethnicity but all what we know his health.
  • You are humiliated by the patients, clients relatives and the authority but never fight back.
  • You cried at home and smiled in the hospital while hiding your tears .
  • You put smile on people’s face while you have pain and sorrow in your heart.
  • You save people’s life while endangered your life

We are different
We are born to serve humanity
Descendants of Florence Nightingale
Proudly A Nurse

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  1. Nurse Abubakar Koya says:

    Very good indeed, nursing is much more than that… Thank Umar Isah Kumo.

    1. Abdul9ja says:

      Thank You Nurse Koya For Your Comment

  2. Tayibah Jimah says:

    Nice one!

    1. Abdul9ja says:

      Thank you for your comment

  3. Kilang Bala says:

    Nice article, a true nurse is training to serve humanity and to restore the dignity of man

    1. Abdul9ja says:

      Thank You for ur comment

  4. Idris Bello Idris says:

    Nice reflection of who Nurses are, what they go through, how they are perceived, and under-appreciated they are.

    1. Abdul9ja says:

      Well Said Sir, thank you for your Comment

  5. Danjuma tawakalt says:

    Very good