Open Letter To NMCN Registrar On The Circular Of The Commencement Of CNP

In this article you will read on Open Letter To NMCN Registrar On The Circular Of The Commencement Of CNP

Open Letter To NMCN Registrar On The Circular Of The Commencement Of CNP

The group -Nursing Group Admin (NGA) is an alliance of progressive Administrators (of nursing media
groups) and reliable stakeholders that are concerned with professional development in its sphere. The
group was formed as an online support intervention from the contributory and volunteering spirit of her members, saddled with the ultimate will and act to protect the public and maintain the sustainability of the Nursing profession to achieve her core goals.
We write to humbly engage the management of the council on the implication of the recently released
circular (Ref: N&MCN/SG/RO/CIR/24/VOL.4/152) and dated 6th March, 2020 seeking to commence a new programme – Community Nursing programme. We have carefully studied this circular and would like to make the following known:

  1. 1. Not everything that glitters is gold, as noble as the circular may look, there are many ignoble acts
    embedded in it.
    For instance, one of the reasons given was that there is mass exodus of people from the rural to urban
    and urban to outside the country, but have you ever asked yourselves, are Nurses the only medical
    practitioners moving out of the rural or urban settings? Can Nurses alone function effectively in the
    community settings without a lab, pharmacy or a visiting doctor? can’t MDCAN organizes a 3year crash
    program for SSCE holders and award them “Licensed Community Doctors?”, can’t Phamaceutical
    Association of Nigeria also organises a 3 year program for SSCE Holders and award them “Licensed Community pharmacist?”, the examples are endless. We heard some people say “that cannot happen to
    them” but why are our leaders embracing mediocrity, retrogression, and being ignoramus.
  2. Rather than researchable figures and facts, the Council has chosen to assume the state of nursing in Nigeria and has in this regard, insulted the intelligence of Nigerian nurses. The council should be aware that there are over 80 accredited schools of Nursing and over 25 Departments of Nursing in Nigeria today with nothing less than 45 students produced for the November examination in each school. This figure will represent the logical assumption that nothing less than five thousands nurses are produced each year with an exception of May candidates.

The rate of nursing employment is not solid in the country where quacks riddle most employment offers and the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria has been nonrepresentational in the fight against QUACKERY.
4. The recent declaration to commence a low quality batch of nurses is insulting to the quality of life that Nigerians deserve and if the declaration of Primary Healthcare is to assure quality and affordable health for all, the adoption of this 2years category of educated nurses with poor high school performance is a gamble in a life of Nigeria
5. Concerning the excuse of the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria that most Nurses are moving to urban cities and out of the country as an reason for this programme to be allowed. It is denial and neglect of responsibility by the nursing and Midwifery Council to refrain from addressing the challenges of Nurses in these settings. It is also inhuman of the nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria to displace these challenges on any human being without them being addressed. The challenges in rural settings are not limited to poor job description, poor housing (even when Hospital quarters are given to other members of the workplace),bias in allocations and lots more.
6. Contradicts an earlier circular of the council to improve nursing education by assimilation of Basic
Nursing to collegiation process and postbasic courses for postgraduate courses.
7. In a circular of the NMCN dated 11th January 2017 N&MCN/SG/RO/CIR/24/VOL.3/61, the nursingand Midwifery Council specifically mandated a one year programme for basic Midwives to be redeployed to the rural settings to support the manpower. The council has not only failed to achieve the conditions on this same circular if they truly serve the public in reducing maternal mortality rate but has become a business entity over passion for lives of people and welfare of it’s members.
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