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Opinion : Why Nurses Should Stand Away From JOHESU To Get Recognition

This opinion became pertinent in the aftermath of Covid emergence. All over the world we see and hear news of how Nurses risk their lives,being the closest to the patients,attending to them.I agree that other health workers are equally exposed in caring for patients,but none can compare to the Nurses who inject,bath them,clean their poo and other irritating care.NONE

All other health workers have verystrong Union to pursue their reasons for being Doctors Pharmacist and Med Lab Scientists.What then is wrong with how Nurses and Midwifery council of Nigeria does allow for a stronger Union to propagate the Nursing Profession in a good light?

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Doctors have NMA, Pharmacist have PAN, Med Lab have their powerful and strong body, but Nurses wallow in the dominance from Nurses and Midwifery Bosses.

The problem of Nurses is the mentality of the old ones who have chosen to remain in the status quo meaning Nurses should remain operating with Florence nitingale styles, without regarding the fact that things have changed and modernity should be taken into consideration at these times we are.

The last time I did the counting in one of the meetings,the number of Nurses is overwhelmingly higher than all JOHESU put together.The question now is who does not want Nurses to form their strong Union,who wants nurses to be continually relegated to the background. WHO?

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I heard a doctor call a nurse their slaves,that,it is how the ladder of control is formed and I was shocked.Even in the University when we attend classes together you will see a student Doctor asking you as a nurse or Pharmacist to know your place in the scale of placement.What is happening to nurses in Africa?

For Nurses to be recognised and given better placement they should leave JOHESU umbrella and form a union that has strong voices like that of the Doctors, Pharmacist and Med Lab Scientists. Once this is done,I am confident that their voice will become stronger and government will grade them well and pay them well.

Opinion : Why Nurses Should Stand Away From JOHESU To Get Recognition

Once they form their Union,those of them running away for good lives overseas will stay and help salvage the degrading and paralysed health sector.

Nurses are indeed indispensable tools in the health sector and their council should help them shine and soar. Only recently during a massive gas explosion that killed close to 22 persons in Agbor, no nurse was available to attend to burnt victims,even when the Doctors eventually came,he needed the Nurses to assist fervently in the work of patient care.

Let me tell us that these Doctors who talk down on nurses really ask them for help in administering to Patients.

Itwill shock us to know too that a Nurse knows drugs like Pharmacist and tells diagnosis like Doctors. It is only the Lab thing that they are not perfect in. No country should play with their Nurses.

The future of the health sector is Nurses and forming a stronger Union outside JOHESU will make them happy and fight their course.

Updated: April 8, 2021 — 3:38 pm

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