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I asked a question in my last opinion piece. Does profession worth differs from self worth or are both intertwined?
As much as I appreciate everyone’s contributions, only few people answered the question. I love a particular response that said an individual’s self worth can be reflected on his/her professional worth. This is quite true.

What’s self worth?

I shared an article on my personal page on this and I said it’s simply “an estimate/ worth of you to you”. It’s how you see yourself, how valuable you think you are.
Self worth is also how you “represent” yourself, how you treat yourself. In summary, it entails how you see you!
Consciously or unconsciously, this reflects on our professional worth even though it’s different from self worth.

When I say professional worth, what do I mean?

Take our fingers for example, every digit is important but they are not equal.
Apply that to the labor market, every discipline is important but they are not valued or estimated the same. When placed on scale of importance, every profession is not on the same level even though they are all important.
In the health sector, the organogram structure is the doctor first, then nurses, then pharmacist like that like that, but we can’t deny the fact that , that keeps changing.
The worth of a Nigerian nurse keeps dropping day by day.
Is it with nursing education? Now we produce LCN/ LCMs, people with two credits…they are also called Nurses.
Is it with the menace called quackery that we have not been able to combat?. And you keep seeing many nurses coupled with other health professional who should know better training this innocent individuals to be a nuisance to the society.


Or the lazy attitudes of many nurses? You see them always trying to cut corners. Looking for the short route even to renew license.

Or the inefficiencies of our so called leaders?

Or the constant relegation of nurses in the hospital setting in many places. Imagine a level 15 nursing officer with over 20 years working experience is still relegated. They lack autonomy to carry out procedures that should be basic, can’t set line, consult, no research study, no new theory….nothing.
20 years as a nurse, she’s still carrying roaster, seizing off days, punishing junior colleagues, organising menu menu for management meetings. No proposal, no training, no conference, no additional certifications…. nothing.

Ask me what our professional worth is again?

Few of these things I highlighted above are the effect of our low professional worth. They are not the causes, they are the effect of it.
The major cause is SELF WORTH!
Believe it or not, many nurses have low self worth. We have the highest populationof people that shout ” I am proud to be a nurse” but it’s a big lie.
Any post on Facebook you will see hashtag “Proud Nurse” but I have come to understand that it’s a lie.
There are many people bearing the title nurse who do not like themselves, they don’t treat themselves right,they see no good in themselves.
My people, some of these nurses I’m talking about believe they are worthless. Their estimate of them to them….is nothing! (Pardon my grammar please)
Have you ever wondered why some people fight you when you refer to them as a nurse?
The chronically low self worth of many nurses have brought us to these point.
Nurses who see no crime in training drop-outs to be Nurses, oh sorry, they call them auxiliary nurses.
You want to reproduce yourself in others and it has to be those who couldn’t secure an admission for nursing? Or secondary schools drop outs?
These are nurses who have no single respect for their license. It’s worthless to them, they give it out to these greedy hospital owners just like that. Paid 20k, 40k for the 3/ 5 years you spent in school. That’s the worth of your 5 or 3 years to you….20k! (I will share my experience about this soon)
These are nurses who saw nothing bad in approving two credits individuals to bear the title “Nurse”. It’s a reflection of how they see themselves, how they see those who bear that title.
These are nurses who are comfortable with serving bed pans, vita signs , drug administration and write report and go home. When the hospital comes with different policies to relegate them , they just accept it.
These are nurses who will confidently write ” patient slept well, nil fresh complaints lodged , viral signs read thus” and don’t feel embarrassed or terrible about it. How can a professional nurse write a report like that?
These are nurses that will take demeaning job description like cleaning, flush toilet, lay consultant bed, buy call food and open gate and say it’s because they have to survive.
These are nurses that will never fight for their rights until they see others treated well before they remember they also deserve better.
Anytime NMA goes on strike and they get what they want, probably salary increment, that’s when they will remember to fight for theirs.
It shows we have too many nurses who do not know their value. They placed their value on what people say or decide it is.
Oh my!
Just so much to say.
My point is, many of us need to consciously evaluate and review our actions. Sit down and analyse our attitudes towards ourselves first and how it reflects on the profession.
I know living in this part of the world can be quite challenging, the society will always want to dictate our worth to us. But we should know better.
Know who you are!
Stand firm and tall!
Raise your head high always!
Never price yourself low no matter what.
Carry yourself with grace.
You are worth much more!
NB: Apologies for the late post update. I am not a good writer 🤣, I am so lazy with that. I love to talk than write, so I will be dropping videos on IG, you can also send me questions that you feel we can discuss and I will be glad to.
Also, I’m considering a #ChatWithCatherine IG live thingy, considering the number of messages I always get.
I’m sorry if I’m yet to answer your questions also, I think the live thing we work better and faster. Or what do you think?
Anyways, kindly follow me on Instagram @iamkatheryn
Twitter – @CatherineOlat.
Love you all.

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