Professionalism And Unionisms As A Tools To Modern Nursing

In this article you will read on Professionalism And Unionisms As A Tools To Modern Nursing and also difference between professionalism and Unionism

Nursing Is A Full Blown Profession Not Aprenticeship

Professionalism refers to a professional character, spirit, set of attributes, or method that implies responsibility and commitment. It involves the application of knowledge and skills, high standards of practice, leadership, self- regulation, professional commitment, social values and self – directed activity ( Muller, 1998). Professionalism And Unionisms As A Tools To Modern Nursing


Professional status is acquired through the process of professionalization which is a process of acquiring the core Nursing values of care, integrity, excellence and diversity.


Berman and Snyder (2012). Defined a profession as an occupation that requires extensive education or a calling that requires special knowledge, skills and preparation. Huber, (2000). Also defined profession as a calling, vocation or a form of employment that provide a needed service to society , processes expertise, autonomy, long academic preparation, commitment and responsibility.

Professionalism And Unionisms As A Tools To Modern Nursing

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Occupation is a means of livelihood and it display a skill, but the skills could have being achieved through a trials and error

Occupation occupies or engage one’s time, business


  1. Autonomy: A profession must be a self directing, self motivating and should have control over it’s own affairs. A profession functions autonomously in the formation of professional policies and in the control of professional activities over it’s members.
  2. Controlling body: There must be a regulating body to see a curriculum content on regular and scheduled phases. I.e accreditation and re accreditation.
  3. Professional association: Professional association that joined the controlling body in directing the affairs of it’s members. Nurses possess NANNM that joined the N&MCN in directing the affairs of Nursing.
  4. Systematic body of theory: A profession must possess a body of theory that has being intellectually packaged for the release to learners through hierarchical method of teaching. In a profession this body of knowledge must take a minimum of 4-to-5 years to acquire after acquiring basic literacy education.
  5. Societal sanction/Recognition: The living standard of professionals is expected to be high and any professional living below this standard is dwindling to the society and is expected to contribute intellectually to a discussion.


There have been several debates regarding the status of Nursing. Many Nurses and non Nurses believed that Nursing is a profession, many others felt that Nursing is yet to achieve full professional status. Hitherto, several others believed that Nursing is moving toward achieving full professionalization.


Nursing unions are currently on the rise in the United States of America and therefore their implications to the Nursing profession are becoming more relevant. There are unions representing Nigerian workers across different discipline such as healthcare workers, clerical workers and teachers. There are two main goals of Unionisms, the first is to improve wages and the second is to improve working condition ( Moody, 2014., Spetz, Ash Konstantinidis and Herrera, 2011). The lack of fair wages and safe working conditions are frequently reasons that workers seek unionization.

Nurses have been using collective bargaining since world war II to improve wages and safe working conditions. Collective bargaining is when a group of workers often represented by an organization, negotiate with an employer to improve wages and safe working conditions ( ANA 2016b). For instance, ANA is a professional Nursing organization whose primary goals are to advance profession of Nursing, represent the interest of Nurses and improve healthcare ( ANA 2016a). NANNM is not an exception who is doing synonymously to Nigerian Nurses.

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  1. Improve compensation: Unionization tilt that allocation of resources toward the economic and general welfare of the Nurses and promote innovative patient care which is the powerful catalyst for change.
  2. Improved working conditions: Unionization has a place in our practice as a professional Nursea. The mandate of Florence Nightingale pledge to Devote my self to the welfare of those committed to my care is the best served by a Nurse who think and speaks independently. And I quote in Florence Nightingale environmental theory said the goal of Nursing was to make patient comfortable for nurture this all has to do with safe working condition.

The two topics are greatly debated in Nursing literature. Two schools of thought are pervasive, including one that professionals do not need and should not form union and the other suggests that professionalism and Unionisms can be synonymous in some form.

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  1. W.H.O has six regional offices
  • African regional office with headquarter at Brazzaville, Congo
  • American regional office with headquarter at Washington D.C
  • East Mediterranean regional office with headquarter at Alexandria, Egypt
  • European regional office with headquarter at Copenhagen, Denmark
  • southeast Asia with headquarter at new Delhi, India
  • west Pacific region with headquarter at Manila, phlillipines

All these country members funds and in return gets all technical aids and services when the need arise.

There are several national and international health agencies that directly or indirectly influenced the Nursing profession

They include UNICEF, USAID, NANNM, NMCN, W4H, UNDP, UNFPA, and international red cross.

Unionization of professional Nurses is pertinent. Our struggle to establish Nursing as a profession and certification of RNs in Nigeria carries with it a relinquishment of self interest, political action, and leadership under development. A labor Union and professional association represent divergent goals and should be taken into cognisance. Union agreement expedite managerial freedom to fight our professional obligations and promote quality care. Kudos to our national NANNM chairman who was elected as vice president NLC recently. Our move will be given an utmost consideration please.

There is currently little to no inclusion on the topic of nursing unions and professionalism in Nigeria. With 21% of hospital-based nurses in unions the topic of unions and unionism is

relevant to future nurses (Spentz et al., 2011). A discussion of how Nurses can deliver up-to-date knowledge, skills and ethics that aid in surpassing the Nursing profession to the highest and recognized level.

Long live Nigerian Nurses

Long live Nursing profession

Long live NANNM.

APA style adopted

Spetz, Ash konstandinidis and Herrera 2011). Lack of fair wages and safe working condition for Nurses.

Addition to xtic of a professsion

1 it provide a service to society,involving scientific knowledge and skills It posses a unique body of kwowledge wich is costantly seeks to extend in order to improved it service

It educate its own practitioner

4 it promote the weldare and wellbeing of practitioner and safe guard their interest.

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