Proper Decorum in wearing nurses uniform

Generally, uniform symbolises professionalism and identity. Meanwhile Nurses should be conscious of the following while on unform
Proper Decorum in wearing nurses uniform
Human values: ( Love, Peace, Truth, Right conduct and nonviolence) While on nurses uniform, a nurse should be a responsible citizen i.e obey traffic rules, assist during emergency n refer appropriately. Act and speak in a respectful manner to every individual. AVOID VERBAL INSULT while on uniform. Also be truthful, do not compromise.
Knowledge and intellect:- a nurse in uniform must be versatile in medical knowledge. He/she must be universal and current with trends in healthcare and the society. Attend seminars, accept interviews on TV n radio stations.
Specialization:- aside distinctive way of dressing in each department. Nurses should be skillful in their field of practice. We should research more on current ways of doing things.
Responsibility:- when clients/patients calls on nurses, our prompt and polite response are as important as our nice outfit. It is unethical to task our clients for carrying out our duties.
It is important to note that appearance can create a positive or negative impression of a nurse. A negative image is created when a nurse wears a wrinkled, dirty uniforms, has poor grooming, is unclean, has unkempt hair and has poor posture. Meanwhile, bad attitude can make a very good looking nurse to look terrible.

There’s a popular saying
“Character is beauty”

Nevertheless, our uniform is part of our identity. Nurses should be mindful of ethics in relation to our appearance. Do not exaggerate the ethics. Be comfortable.
Olagunju Taiwo Bolatito


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