Simple Health Habits That Can Prevent High Blood Pressure

In this article you will read about Simple Health Habits That Can Prevent High Blood Pressure


Normal lifestyle habits and behaviours over time have proven to have an effect on our lives. The things we do, the things we eat, how we work, how we relate, our responses in life generally have proven significant effect on our wellbeing.

Simple Health Habits That Can Prevent High Blood Presure

Hypertension i.e high blood pressure is a cardiovascular disease condition that has to do with the blood vessels and the pressure of the blood as it moves or flow in the vessels. The blood vessels comprises of the arteries, veins, arterioles, and capillaries. In the human body, there is a certain normal blood pressure that the blood maintains and exerts upon the walls of the arteries and veins for normal body comfort and wellbeing but when this pressure becomes increased or increases then it creates an anomaly in the body. It could wear off the walls of the blood vessels or increases cardiac overload which could lead to heart shutdown after the efficiency and strength of the heart muscles and valves would have been weakened. High blood pressure can be as dangerous as this if not treated or prevented in time.
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he normal blood pressure for adults is a systolic reading of 120-140mmhg and a diastolic reading of 60-80mmhg but in the case of hypertension these readings are altered. Any blood pressure higher than 140/80mmhg is considered to be hypertensive. Appropriate measures and prevention techniques have to be imbibed and some of these:-

Simple health preventive habits are as follows:

  1. Exercise – a daily exercise of at least 180mins per day week has proven to be efficiently significant in reducing hypertension i.e. high blood pressure. When you exercise it helps your body to breakdown the low density lipoprotein freely moving in your blood stream reducing your arterial and venous blood flow thereby causing vasoconstriction and increasing blood pressure. Exercise helps your body to release excessive waste products through sweating which is majorly a concentrate of salt. Salty foods are capable of increasing high blood pressure. Exercise boosts your body function generally by relaxing the vessels of the body.
  2. Nutrition – the kind of food we eat matters. Losing some body pounds of fat could be very helpful. You need to eat more of fibre foods than fat. Watching fatty diet is necessary. Do not eat much of fat but more of food rich in fibre e.g. vegetables (fruits or leafy), carbohydrates, and proteins.
  3. Reduce stress – stress is one of the major activator or risk factor of hypertension. Stress of life could arise from mental or psychological, emotional or social sphere of our lives. Try as much as possible to reduce the amount of stress you subject yourself to everyday at work, home or occasions. The more the stress of life that your system can’t cope with the higher the chances of being hypertensive.
  4. Avoid alcoholism
  5. Resist smoking
  6. Encourage good rest and sleep – always create time for yourself to rest or sleep. It is advisable for you to rest at least 1:30mins daily after work and sleep at least 6 hours daily

Written By Nr Danladi Aminu

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