Step By Step Process Of Becoming A USRN.

Step By Step Process Of Becoming A USRN.

A quick one. This is a step by step, otherwise regarded as a ‘Do it Yourself’, process of becoming a USRN.
First thing to know is there are two routes to becoming a US Registered Nurse. The first of which is what some of us are familiar with – CGFNS (Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools) which usually takes nothing less than a year or more depending on how fast you are with the processing.
1. To begin with CGFNS, go to their website and create an account at Ensure you already know the board of nursing that would receive your evaluated credentials. Most Nurses choose Texas and New Mexico for some reasons known to them. Evaluation with CGFNS costs $360.
2. Fill all the required fields and ensure you put a valid email when registering. This is the medium through which candidates communicate with the CGFNS services.

Step By Step Process Of Becoming A USRN.

Step By Step Process Of Becoming A USRN.

3. Evaluate your credentials with CGFNS by arranging your transcript with your school which would be sent by the school to the board. The amount payable for this is dependent on your school.
4. Verify your license with NMCN. Verification with NMCN costs N53,500. This is exclusive of facilitation fees.
5. After your documents have been verified by CGFNS, they’ll send a report to the State Board of Nursing you registered with.
6. If this is successfully done, be ready to book your NCLEX-RN at after you might have gotten your ATT (Authorization to Test).

That’s the summary of the first route.

This is the fastest and easiest way to become a USRN. This process follows that you start an application with New York State Board of Nursing.
The steps are as follow:
1. Create an account with New York State Education Department (NYSED) at
Open that link and scrow down to where you see a heading that reads: “Instructions for Applying for Licensure as a RN”. You’ll see 5 different RN pathways. But choose the “RN pathway #5”.
Click on it and a new page will load. On this page, you’ll see some steps. Let’s follow those steps one after the other as it concerns the process.
You don’t need to complete any of these coursework as you can always file an exemption for it during the course of your application to the board.
STEP 2: SUBMIT Online Form 1 – Application for Licensure – RN.
Click on the link https://eservices.nysed.go6v/professions/before/022 and start your online application form. This costs $143. Pay using your Mastercard.
After filling your online application form, the next step is verification which leads us to step 3.
You must arrange to have your credentials verified by your foreign nursing school using a Certification of Professional Education (Form 2F). You can download this form using this link
The school will certify your education on Form 2 and send it along with your official transcript and any other required documentation to the NYSED. If your transcript is in a language other than English, you must arrange to have it translated by a translation services acceptable to NYSED.

If you were licensed as a nurse in your country, you must also arrange for the NYSED to receive verification of your nursing license from the licensing authority that issued it using a Verification of Foreign Professional Licensure/Certification (Form 3F). Verification with NMCN costs N53,500. Follow this link to download the verification form
After that, await the response from NYSED, Office of the Professions, Nursing Unit.
While waiting for their response, start your NCLEX preparation.

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