Step to step guide on migrating to Ireland as a Registered Nurse

Step to step guide on migrating to Ireland as a Registered Nurse

Step to step guide on migrating to Ireland as a Registered Nurse

All information provided here are guidelines and are subject to change from the regulatory bodies involved
1. Get your international passport and pass your IELTS minimum required score is R7 L7 W6.5 S7 with overall band 7.0
2. Register for recognition with NMBI
Apply for a qualifications recognition on
Register under option G3 for a registered nurse or midwife who have practiced for at least 12months after qualification as a nurse or midwife.
Recognition fee is €350 make sure to provide all neccesary documents asked.

Depending on the resulting email sent to you, proceed to the next step
3. Apply for registration
Nurses and midwives who practise in Ireland must be registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland (NMBI). Log on to MyNMBI page, answer and upload English competence result, add other required documents.
Registration fee is €150.
If application is fully accepted proceed to next. If not accepted, the nmbi board will contact you for possible options to complete your application.
4. Apply and get a job in Ireland
It is your responsibility to find a job in Ireland but agencies like IHR can help (
5. Apply for a visa
As a registered nurse/midwife apply at under Critical Skills Employment Permit.

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You must have an employment letter before you can apply for a visa in Ireland. Your employer may help with your visa processing.
6. Move to Ireland and start working.
Your employer will inform you and based on agreement the need for accommodation and traveling expenses (such fees are subject to change)
Application takes about 2-6 months and the NMBI attends to client on a first come first serve bases, no means of fast tracking

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  1. Abiodun says:

    According to this guide does it means the exam needed for Ireland is only IELTS, No CBT, OSCE or any adaptation course ???????

    1. 9ja Nurses says:

      After assessing your qualifications and training, then NMBI will decide whether you will need adaptation course or not and their decision will be communicated to you

    2. Anonymous says:

      Hi, IELTS is written in Nigeria. Adaptation/ osce is done after you’ve gotten your decision letter.

  2. Gift says:

    Kindly explain more about the required ielts score. I learnt it can be 6.5 in any module but am seeing a different thing from this page.

  3. Rebecca says:

    According to what’s here is it only for RN /RM or just an RN can apply?

  4. Heleno says:

    Please can a UKVI ACADEMIC IELTS result that meet this requirement be used or must it be standard ACCADEMIC IELTS RESULTS. I am asking because the result I have is a UKVI ACADEMIC IELTS result.

  5. Ochomma Elizabeth Ebele says:

    I was told that no ielts is needed but after working for 1year, one can automatically migrate to the UK to work as a qualified nurse with irish licence without writing ielts and osce again.

    1. From what I know, part of their requirements to migrate to Irish as a nurse,you have to either IELTS or OET Results.

  6. Dupe Amos says:

    Please can I migrate as only RM

  7. Okpara Cynthia says:

    Please are we supposed to do NMC verification before doing recognition and registration?