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Student NURSE got Nauseated

Student NURSE got Nauseated.

Just about few minutes into removing implanon in a patient arm, student nurse passed out!

I don’t think she fits to be a nurse ! 😱😨😱 everyone concluded, as though, nursing is a clothe that’s fits a particular size .

Student NURSE got Nausea.

Some years ago, I use to be affected at the sight of internal organs or surgery, but overtime I outgrew it… what must have happened ?.

As a student nurse , how do you deal with nauseating procedures and learning…. let’s get through this blog post and learn a few things .

Some might have thought that ignoring or looking away from the procedure would help… but do you think learning would take place ?.


Some also have the ideology of taking metoclopramide before the procedure. Do you know that long term use of metoclopramide May cause a serious movement disorder that may not be reversed 🤔 🤔

Firstly, the difference between you and a staff nurse is experience ….. and that experience is gained through consistency.

Trust me, after some time , you get over it …

Just ensure you get well hydrated daily, take some excuse if you need to…. but don’t run away .

Nursing skill is all about consistency. With consistency you gain perfection.

Student NURSE got Nausea.

Hope you learnt something? Share with me your experience with nauseating procedures .

Updated: May 2, 2021 — 9:32 am

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