Suggestion On Curtailing The Spread Of Covid 19

In this article you will read on Suggestion On Curtailing The Spread Of Covid 19


  • 1. The state government should liaise with Nurses and other health personnel to introduce quarantine at the entry point of Maiduguri, Adamawa, Yobe, Bauchi, Gombe, Taraba and other states.
  • 2. The state government should provide a good and sufficient Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to the Nurses/Other Health professionals.
  • 3. The government through the Nurses and other health personalities should collaborate with community leaders to quarantine each person coming into the community.
  • 4. Nursing and other Health Associations through the religious and community leaders by the help of government should organize a sectionalized massive campaign and awareness both on social media and verbally on the preventive and protective measures in different dialect in simple language.
  • 5. The state and federal government should provide a good and motivating renumeration to those under the task of curtailing the spread of the pandemic diseases Covid-19 as this will enhance the effectivity of the management.

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  • 6. The state and federal government should through the ministry of health and Nursing services provide all the necessary PPE into the various hospital for effective and efficient management of victims as this pandemic has no regard to status.
  • 7. The Government through Health and Nursing associations should provide hand washing point at different angle of each community in collaboration with the community members and their various leaders.
  • 8. The Government through the Nurses and other health practitioners in collaboration with private and Non-governmental organization should set a good hospital system in the various IDP camp in Maiduguri and other affected state.
  • 9. The government through the health workers in collaboration with traditional and religious leaders should revitalize a large gathering to minimise the risk of its spread.
  • 10. The government both state and federal through the Nursing and health personnel’s in collaboration with NAFDAC should checkmate all the food items imported to various states across the nation in all markets.
  • *The above mentioned suggestions if considered will surely help in effective and efficient curtailing of the spread of this pandemic diseases Covid-19. And this can only be done if and only if our government will realize the potential of our dear Nurses and other health personnel’s with motivating renumeration as this is a life risk mission which not every individual can do. I ‘m sure we have many that can volunteer to take the risk in protecting the life of our dear brothers and sisters from the trending and fast spreading pandemic diseases Covid-19. Those who volunteer can undergo a thorough training on how to go about carrying the above tasks through the Nursing departments and Nigeria Centre for Diseases Control (NCDC).*

According to Prof. Tukur B.M. Public whom the precautions are targeting ought to have a significant role. E.g the rich philontrophs can donate significant resources that will help in the precautionary measures as well as treating confirmed cases.
The public be part and parcel and own the precautionary campaign measures etc.
Compiled by Nr Reuben Markus 

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