Registered Nurse at eHealth Systems Africa

Registered Nurse at eHealth Africa is focused on improving healthcare by creating effective ways to implement reliable health information management systems. We have developed eHealth and mHealth solutions that can be rapidly deployed to manage patient information, streamline clinical procedures, and provide data and analysis on health program outcomes.

5 Tips To Cope With A Job Loss

It’s stressful to lose your job, whether it’s because of a layoff, downsizing, or forced retirement. Losing a job can cause financial hardship and affect your mental health and relationships. However, you must remember that even in the bleakest of times, there is hope. It is possible to cope with setbacks, ease your anxiety and […]


Nurse At INTERSOS General Purpose of the Position This role provides medical care, treatment and follows-up on patients according to set protocols and universal hygiene standards/precautions. Role-holder provides supportive supervision to volunteers, MoH staff, and ensures guidelines set in the health protocols are followed during the provision of medical care. Tasks and Main Responsibilities · […]

Step by step guide for an Online Interview by Getrude Orodo

In this article I will show you the Step by step guide for an Online Interview by Getrude Orodo Before securing a job to work abroad, you must do an online interview. In the current post-COVID world, a lot of activities are being done on the web.Therefore, having online interview etiquette at hand should be […]