THE UNTOLD STORY One of our vibrant Nurses is being subjected to demeaning punitive action that requires him to redo orientation he did  7 (seven) months ago because he PARTLY  partook in the last strike action called by NLC and NANNM on the premises that he is an unconfirmed Nurse I would like want to […]

Conflict Resolution in Nursing: How Strong Leadership Can Help

There are many skills that nurse leaders need to be successful, but one that might not be spoken of as often is the ability to manage and resolve conflict. Like it or not, leadership and resolving conflict go hand-in-hand. According to various surveys and estimates, nursing managers spend between 25 and 40 percent of their […]

5 Leadership Qualities Every Nurse Should Have

When you go through nursing school, you get all the classes you know you’ll need in your future career as a nurse, right? Well, not exactly. When you become a nurse you will soon be expected to show leadership as you work with a team of other nurses and physicians. So where was this class […]

Effective And Influential Leadership In Nursing

In this article you will read on Effective And Influential Leadership In Nursing EFFECTIVE AND INFLUENTIAL LEADERSHIP IN NURSING Nursing as a profession began by the effort of an individual who had a vision and empowered others into seeing prospectively the like as she saw. This couldn’t have been achieved without the ability to influence […]