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The best way to overcome the current challenges in nursing as a profession is not to fight each other or devalue one another or even tarnish the image of one another. If nursing must succeed or be place in the right place we must all forsake our personal interest and put the interest of the profession first not mind who get the credit or the money.it a thing of concern, a tragedy to fight JOHESU blindly without identifying the enemy within who has cause a serious problem among us (great Nigerian nurses). JOHESU may seems to be selfish but a hidden angle we did not identify or acknowledge, how I wish Nigerian nurses will dig deep to see the real problem and not the presenting symptom (JOHESU).
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The problem of nursing can best be liking with a condition or situation; when a lady is raped, she cry hard when she is alone, it may take her time to open up to her parent about it just to seek for justice but her parent felt it not necessary to report to relevant authorities because they feel that it is not a big problem since she can still marry. Take the lady to be nurses in Nigeria, marry as salary, NANNM as the parent and JOHESU and government as the relevant authorities, and then you can identify the appropriate place to channel your aggrieved action.

The following are the identified enemy within:

  1. Personal interest
  2. Qualification
  3. Poor sacrificing spirit
  4. Mute delegate
  5. Passive political participation
  6. Primitive nature of Nigeria nurse
  7. Lack of commitInterest

Personal Interest

The issues of nursing as a profession is going out of proportion but nevertheless all hope are not lost. The rate at which nurses personalize the profession to family issues have expose the profession to a state of family problem rather than professional problem where it should only be discussed by nurses alone. It a profession and not a TV series where you discuss all the ills to everybody and other profession, personalizing nursing negatively has lead the profession to a pit where battling to come out of it seems to be an individual or a unit problem rather than general problem.

Qualification and Promotion

Qualification and promotion seems to be a natural ladder in other profession for a successful professional upgrade and promotion without considering the package and motivation attached to it but in nursing qualification seems to be a crime where its expose one to several rival, jealousy, critics and frustrations. Why then will qualification be the hidden enemy: flash back the serious I gave; all am trying to do is to bring to our notice the key factors that stop the nurses in the right place from doing the right thing at the right time not looking at the individual but the content of the individual.

Poor Sacrificing Spirit

Nigerian nurses are so comfortable with the state of affairs in nursing and the package (salary) which has kill the spirit of sacrificing our resource for the progress of the profession and have confidently embrace the attitude of complain without action as the best method of solving our professional problems. If we must succeed we must sacrifice our time, money, and utilize our privileges for the success and progress of the profession.

Mute Delegate

We cannot continue to delegate responsibilities to individuals who can only make noise without making sense out of the nonsense. I had the opportunity to be a delegate in model united nation Benin republic as a delegate of Nigeria and also has experience in leadership position, I can confidently inform you that there is a great difference between a leading leader and a leader, a philanthropist and a leader, a visionary leader and stationary leader. A delegate and a leader, Therefore we must work on our delegate in JOHESU to avoid mute delegate and delegate nurse who will only see and speak about nursing problems that has to do with placement, welfare, respect, in JOHESU meetings and not open our differences to the public.

Primitive Nature of Nigeria Nurse

“Nursing profession is dynamic” that what nurse keep saying but nurses aren’t dynamic in our action. Enough of “that how we have been doing” the pattern of the drum sound has change lets follow the sound and change positively. We cannot continue to dance the turn of possessing all the post basic qualification which placed nurses on horizontal line while other professions are moving on the vertical line. Change is constant lets embrace it.

Lack of Commitment among Nurses

Nigerian nurses are satisfied practicing for practicing sake they do not see the intricacy of nursing as care from nurse specialist rather nurses are concern with family and other issues of life than nursing profession.


Nigerian nurses should accept the fact that nursing profession is dynamic and all nurses notwithstanding qualification, year in services, age, salary, and personal interest should embrace and play according to the dynamic nature of nursing, health care system in Nigeria and identify the impact of qualification on nursing profession and the health care system. Nurse as a matter of serious concern should actively participate in professional unionism; elect the right nurses (that is nurses who can boldly speak for the interest of nursing and defend the profession without bias or people interest) into office and active participation in national issue positively. Finally, let’s struggle with our eyes open and fully informed.

Nr. Musa Bulus
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5 Responses

  1. Wow…this is awesome. NICE write-up…Sir the issue of LOVE cannot be overemphasized…..i have personally experienced a scenario where i was denied an optunity wic only required d signature of my Head of Nursing Services and was to go for a short study course in NURSING i came to her for approval before taking it to d cmd(management)….she poured abuses on me,called me names even threatened to post me out of my present unit….i shunk in the ground in dismay,she finally asked me to get out of her office…..i later found out that she had submitted 3names to the management for same course hence d reason for discouraging me…..as i speak d course has but a few days ro commence….i hv been denied…..
    The effect of bad leadership too cannot be rulled out…it has and is still causeing a great menace in our profession today….
    I say this now….Nurses wic way forward…i’d like ti say that the effect of bullying of junior nurses by d senior collegues has turned d profession into a house of fearful followers wherby they are afraid to ask questions, to speak for their rights, to even contribute positively…the reason why we are never heard anywhere….in the past our leaders deceived us into not joining politics…..
    Today that has changed..because s.one had to break that lie
    Then came NANNM, wic is a union under Nursing…..this union wic registers members without teir consent……they have a constitution wic they sit n deliberate on…write n re-writing the constitution at will……they have for 2years now deducted 3% from its members salary in the name of NANNM dues(cod deductions)….as against 1000 naira flat rate wic was agreed by th house(members)they lifted up the word basic from the constitution so intead of “3% of basic salary”
    They change it to”3% of salary”….removing d word “basic” in-between….hence we d nurses are agreeved…..agreeved dat our own parents could lie to us……we there4 are asking our dear parents to give us back 1000naira flat rate as before…3% is too much a levy..we are certain that they wiil consider us..cos they are our parents
    Hence we as Nurses must come together as ONE BIG family…in other to achieve huge sucess..for wot is infront of us is much bigger than wots behind…..we are agreeved nurses…saying our leaders should do d needful…that u are a leader n a local government nurse does not make u hate d federal nurses we must know that we are ONE under d umbrella of Nursing…..let love lead….tnxall

    1. NANNM national where is your conscience…..wot has happened to the profession under ur very watch…can u say u donot see the growth of other professions….improper placement
      Wot r u doing about it…..may God touch d heart of our leaders national to do d rit thing for once

  2. NANNM national where is your conscience…..wot has happened to the profession under ur very watch…can u say u donot see the growth of other professions….improper placement
    Wot r u doing about it…..may God touch d heart of our leaders national to do d rit thing for once

  3. On the issue of proper placement for nurses,a mistake was observed. If u could remember in some years back in minna. Niger state where the meeting of national council for establishment was held. That was wen the approval for internship was given for nurses. That was where the mistake of placement was made. And the mistake can only be corrected only when the council sits. The mistake was identified and accepte by the council. We hope for the correction in the next meeting.

  4. My opinion nannnm should keep marriage with johesu since we on battling field but when strike call off,nannm must leave the johesu.we are back bone of this union and our achieve is less due to fact of demand.
    Nurses must learn from pharmacists I think for this recent achievement nothing could make consultant to stay in johesu.

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