A Quack Nurse and Not a Professional Nurse

In this article you will Read about A Quack Nurse and Not a Professional Nurse

A Quack Nurse and Not a Professional Nurse

Dismayed by the fact that Kano has been a rapid and cogent fertile ground for quackery and it is also obvious it a rabid breeding place for quacks of the highest order.
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This forum should be furnished with verifiable details of happenings and facts that could stand the test of time and scrutiny. The integrity of the organization carrying out these activities is undoubtedly not doubtful, however it is very dangerous to disseminate information that could cause disharmony and acrimony among team members using the name of the organization.
The use of title Nurse to qualify an auxiliary Nurse in this saga is unfortunate because it will mislead others to believe Registered and qualified Nurse is the Culprit in this case. There is a very wide gap in the story and difference between the two personalities mentioned. The gap existed where the culprit was reported to been phoned by the leaders of regulatory agency and she tentatively referred to herself as a Nurse not a doctor. In this case the person should have been seen to defend her claim before going to the press.
The staggering questions are:- How did the person got registration to operate the clinic and using what documents? Who verified the practicing Licence of the person to establish the cadre of the healthcare she belongs to?
It is desirous and advisable to seek support and collaboration of the Labour unions where events are likely to jeopardize the professional integrity of other colleagues.

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