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One of our vibrant Nurses is being subjected to demeaning punitive action that requires him to redo orientation he did  7 (seven) months ago because he PARTLY  partook in the last strike action called by NLC and NANNM on the premises that he is an unconfirmed Nurse

I would like want to categorically state here that, the Nurse was not at fault with logical  reasons.

But before I give my reasons let me give


Before I came into NANNM politics, I was made to believe that our case in OOUTH is peculiar whenever I asked questions.

When I joined the NANNM politics I discovered most of these harmful peculiarities are man made problems.

Now, these are my reasons sir for saying he is not at fault.

1. In OOUTH Nurses are servants that have no voice. Any Nurse that becomes so active on the platform demanding for a right, or boldly speak against injustice will be dealt with to be humbled when he or she receive punishment.

2. The system in OOUTH Nursing department is faulty by helping management to maintain a tradition of using unconfirmed Nurses to work during legitimate strike action. This has delayed confirming workers beyond 4years as against 2years.

3. The unit NANNM chairman caused the problem for the young man by giving counter message aside the circular given by NLC and state NANNM to embark on legitimate strike. She sent WhatsApp message to OOUTH Nurses forum that all unconfirmed Nurses should work while the strike is on going so I learnt because I have been removed from the platform since last year for demanding for my right.


4. I am the unit treasurer, and to avoid this kind of problem, I sent messages on 3 occasions for us to resolve the issue of using unconfirmed Nurses to work in OOUTH while legitimate strike action is on.
My co exco members including the chairman read it but never responded. I reported the matter to Ogun State NANNM CHAIRMAN, she simply replied me that they could be having better plans. I sent her another message that if at all they are having better plans courtesy demands one exco member reply to my message, she never replied to that again. I then promised them that hence no one is answering my questions and attending to my suggestion on how to solve this guy problem I will surely look for it somewhere.

5. Under those two instructions from State NANNM and unit chairman, the young man was confused which of the instructions to follow, he followed the one of his unit NANNM chairman and reported to work on the day of the strike, met one of  the CNO in his unit who told him the theater will be locked soon and he should report to CNOs office as he is unconfirmed Nurse. At CNOs office his name was not on  the strike roster, a bit relieved but not knowing he will be forced to write his name on a separate paper and matched to the children’s ward by one CNO.

6. Who is he to say no at that scenario? That made him to work in children’s ward that day which is not his specialized area. Remember doctors too have their area of specialization which give credit to professionalism.

7. The young man was driven by the task force which made him to report back CNOs office and was asked to go back to the ward and complete his work that their own instructions supercede that of NLC task force. He obeyed and went back and completed his work and documented.

8. He called his Hou to report the whole scenario and the NLC chairman who told him to stay off the hospital as strike last. That made him to stay at home on the 18th,19th ,20th September 2020.

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On Monday 21st September 2020  when he resumed to his unit, he was asked to see them at CNOs office where he met the  CNO  who asked him why he did not report to work during those days when he is unconfirmed Nurse? He narrated all that happened to him and moreso his name was not on the strike roster drawn for unconfirmed Nurses that will work during the strike. The CNO was not satisfied and told him failure to give a substantive reason for not coming to work during the strike, a corrective measures will be given to him to do another orientation for one month again h
This  is the Genesis of the case.

9. As usual, the case with OOUTH Nurses, is if they want to kill a dog, they will give it bad names.

The CNO also Alleged against Nrs Ovwiomodiowho Prince that.

It was discovered he is not well conversant with his Professional responsibilities,hospital setting, ward location as a General Nurse.
With Discovering of Professionally Negligent.

My questions are:

If the right thing was done from the beginning by our unit NANNM chairman by strictly following the directives of the state NANNM, will there be such problem for this young man and OOUTH Nursing department? Practically No.

Again if assuming when I raised it on exco platform despite I was on sick bed then trying to prevent the unexpected, they discuss the matter on exco platform, will such thing happened? Practically No.

All I see, is we rather protect Management’s interest than protect our member’s interest.

Pls I beg every meaning Nigeria Nurses to help in this case to bring sanity to Nursing department in OOUTH, so Nurse Ovwiomodiowho Prince and can get judtice.


Comrade Nur Ajibola Aishat Oluwafunke.

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