Tooth for tooth says the old adage but what will the toothless bulldog do? The recurrence of professional antics and pan tics can be overwhelming and highly handed. Separation of function and credible understanding of appreciable roles for various agencies and professionally political platforms is crucial. National Association Of Nigerian Nurses And Midwives (NANNM) and the university graduate of nursing science association (UGONSA) have a viable reason after juxtaposition to unify considering the era and systemic terrain that the world is changing globally. In as much as NANNM has a long standing establishment factor compared to UGONNSA but I feel there is a much essential reason why the both bodies should have a common ground of understanding and unification. Unification in this context does not mean solidification but instead consolidation.
There should be a cordial relationship between the artifacts, archives, gazettes, communiqués, memoranda and policies of both associations. Synergistic method and approach to general sensitivity issues and problems brought forward to the public domain should be imbibed. Many times from the policies rendered or propounded by the nursing and midwifery council of Nigeria (NMCN) we could tell the disparities, controversial differences and irrevocable contingencies emanating from NANNM and UGONSA from their different approaches to such issues. It has more or less looked like or better still become a thug of war between both parties. Let me categorically state that until the aforementioned unions find a lasting unified ground of modus operandi and synergistic consolidation nursing will continue to toe the path of failure, mundane experience and political misdemeanors. Right from the time UGONSA was established, NANNM has sighted it as a threat in disguise. We must understand that we illicitly need no such aggravations, reactions and tantrums. The both parties are great to stand in their respective capacities but should find a common ground of jurisdiction. Wherewith, this will help strengthen each other and create an atmosphere as well as a cemented foundation for nursing leadership and pressure groups.
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Nursing in Nigeria needs vibrant and highly capacitated working groups to drive in our demands and desires to the telescope of greatness and developed echelon. Just like NMA, NARD, NDA, MWAN, MDCAN, NADUHS and NAGGMDP in the medical profession with a synergistic, communal and commensally related roles and functions I feel that having NANNM, NMCN and UGONSA just but a few should have no congruent reason for tussle, tantrum and professionally political dispositions and exhibition of roles. Strive should be obnoxious, outdated and obsolete between these professional bodies. Moreover, these associations both have their distinct job descriptions in as much as it is all gearing to a unanimous and conventional goal. It is definitely high time to grossly supersede these endearing and endangering menace called strive, hatred and tussle but instead find a unifying ground to resolve delicate issues and problems that matters to our dear profession. Nursing in Nigeria needs voices, different voices to speak in politics and unionism. Therefore, limiting each others’ capabilities is a high regard for disrespect and a high level of moral and professional decadence.

In a short note among many other benefits, nursing stand to gain these if NANNM and UGONSA unifies:

  • Professional relevance
  • Easy decision making
  • Faster policy enactment
  • Professional development
  • Faster, easier and steady targeted goals achievement
  • This will help checkmate NMCN excesses
  • Provision of policies and regulations review and adequate scrutiny of communiqués and statutes emanating from NMCN
  • Check and balance the nurses’ earned professional entitlement such as consolidated salary, allowances and other remuneration
  • Proper representation of graduate nurses in the global status of nursing even among the registered nurses in Nigeria
  • Proper internship placement and job placement as well
  • Provision of a solid ground for consultation in the health sector by the government
  • Availability of good working environment and enablement of professional development


The common saying goes that ‘the house that is divided against itself cannot stand’. We indeed need to learn from this proverbial quote above.

The benefits of this pertinent unification to the community will include a change of perception from the public domain about the image of nurses in the healthcare services, restructure the pinnacles of nursing treatment and reinforce the working force and increase healthcare services in the rural and urban settlements as obtainable in the developed countries. Nurses are the largest professionally working force both in Nigeria and globally and as such should earn and have a high sense of respect and admiration but without a good conjugal and appropriate union, group, association and leadership representation nursing will continue to suffer a negative setback in Nigeria.
In conclusion, I therefore use this medium as I take judicious advantage of this means to call on NANNM, UGONSA and other subsidiary or affiliate bodies to unify (consolidate) so that we can have a common ground of entry and position in the health sector as this will help improve and develop our professional relevance as well foster targeted goal achievement especially with the government.

Writer By Nr Danladi Aminu RN, BNSC

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  1. Nurse Theoohilus says:

    This is wonderful…
    Until nurses synchronize their unionism, they can hardly attain the height they wish in Nigeria.
    This article has made my day.

    1. Ikerodah Nefisat says:

      It is nice to co work for development of nurses

  2. Nurse Theophilus says:

    Great article indeed.
    Nurses need to synergize their efforts to soar higher in Nigeria.

  3. Nurse mercy says:

    This is a welcome development

  4. Nurse Bello says:

    This is indeed a great development when achieved. I strong belief the unification will yield a lot of good to both parties.

  5. Nurse Muhammed R says:

    The nail has been hit into the right hole, kudos to the author,I do hope that the Ass concerned would look into it and do the necessary.

    1. Nurs abubakar says:

      If this can happen in nursing profession I’m sure 90% of our problem would be solve,but this can only happened if our Union leaders have the profession at Hart,pls my people is high time to know our position in the Nigerian health sector

  6. Nrs. Kamilu says:

    Nice write up bro keep the good work up, actually this are among the problems of nursing nowadays in our dear country, I think unification is the best solution to all these problems. Therefore I call upon the NANNM and UGONSA to seat and settle out all the difference, because we are all from the same root. Thank you and God blessed the writer and all the Nigerian Nurses.

  7. Nrs Mwasu Lawuna Gobum says:

    It’s welcomed.

  8. Gennycare says:

    Great write up, I pray this gets to those involved in the leadership of these two bodies for a positive changing decision making.

  9. Nr Ogunje says:

    The writer spoke my mind. That’s what I see as a pacesetter, shortcut to Our collective destination. God bless nursing profession.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Mrs Beckley
    UGONSA,a long awaited association has come to stay for the benefit of all.NANNM,NMCN should Pls wake up and do the needful.RN/RM should please go back to school for their BNSC degree…
    We shall regain our placement,/respect by God’s grace

  11. Nurse Ebere says:

    In deed we are one and we need to have a common body,but my major concern is how RN,RM will be relieved with the duration to attain BNSC here in Nigeria to like 2 years or less , just like In Some Health courses., thanks.

    1. Anonymous says:

      UGONSA sheath your sword and collapsed in to nannm so that you can be a driven force that would lead the nursing profession in to her destination. I assure you in the next 5 – 10 years 85% nurses practicing in Nigeria would hold their BNsc in Nursing especially with the coming of ABU DLC, LAUTECH, MAUN and open University if you go to Federal and state hospital you can count the number of nurses without BNsc in Nursing, with high percentage among newly employed nurses who just graduated from the schools of nursing.

  12. Ikerodah Nefisat says:

    It is nice to co work for development of nurses