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Unification of Nigerian Universities Nursing Student Association NUNSA and NANSMN

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In this article you will read about Unification of Nigerian Universities Nursing Student Association NUNSA and NANSMN

Unification of Nigerian Universities Nursing Student Association NUNSA and NANSMN

Origin of Unification

The idea of unification was not initiated by our administration. It started far back in 2015. I had been called by a number of leaders within the professional circular
about the need for us to consider the unification again since I assumed office.
The First official discussion about the issue (in our administration) however happened during the National Executive Council Meeting we had in Osogbo in April 2019. Discussions with the leadership of National Association of Nigeria Students Nurses and Midwives (NANSNM) started which culminated in the much deeper considerations for modalities of achieving the unification during the National convention of NANSNM in Ebonyi State in which myself, the NUNSA President, our icev president, Senate president, director of welfare and PRO2 were present. The
leaders from the Professional association, past leaders of Nursing and Midwifery Council, and past leaders of NUNSA present at the Ebonyi convention equally emphasized the need for both bodies to revisit unification in the interest of professional growth and development. The above premises midwife the revisiting of the unification process as an association.
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1) The fate of University-trained Nurses within the Nursing practice and
administration has always been bleak as it was never designed to reward the
robust educational preparation and skill set, they possess. The employers of
Nurses have continued to rob the profession and many times, and several
cases, the employer does not compensate for the full skill set of University
training while S/he insists paying for only a Registered Nurse certificate alone.
This is only one of the many ways employers of Nurses have continued to
exploit the deep division within the Nursing profession. Instead of our
colleagues speaking to the superiority of University training, many of them
degrade and devalue it. That has been the practice of the older generation of
Nurses which evidently has not benefited either faction. Other sister
healthcare professions have made significant progress in the level of entry
into service and condition of service while “(some)” of our own leaders
continue to invent new ways of balkanizing the profession into smaller
divisive groups that employers of nurses would use against us in future.
2) Distinguished colleagues, as students, it is important for us to learn from the past mistakes of those who have gone ahead of us, many of whom sowed the seed of division that has crippled the profession. It would be
foolish of us to tow the same path expecting a different result. It is in our
self-interest to join hands with our colleagues in the school of Nursing with
whom we still have common grounds vis-à-vis RN and other licenses. Their
clamor for affiliations to university departments should be our fight. It is a
battle we must win together against self-interested Nurses who want to
perpetuate this institution that has become a career trap for our colleagues
in the School of Nursing leaving them without any educational qualification
that fits into the country’s 6-3-3-4 educational policy. Many of them have
serious difficulty pursuing vertical academic progression within the
profession because of this. We must understand that we have a common
destiny in Nursing irrespective of our different qualifications and that judging
the eyes of the public cannot tell us apart. Let me remind you that a chain is
only as strong as its weakest link. While we have Professors in nursing today,
we are judged by our lowest common denominator within the profession
which is the School of Nursing three-year RN program. In all this, the person
who has invested the most stands to lose the most. We are investing the
most by putting in over 5 years in training with only tacit recognition in the
scheme of service through the internship program that we have only just won
since the BNSc program started over forty years ago. Our entry-level position is still behind that of our contemporary. In this game of division, we are going to be the biggest losers.
3) In our negotiations with NANSNM, they have already made historic
concessions by agreeing that the association that would be born out of this unification would be led by a University student believing that we must always present our most advanced qualification in representing our collective interest. It is a huge sacrifice on their part which we should honor and regard.
It reflects a new understanding and thinking which when the unification scales through would imprint in all Nursing students the superiority of higher qualification. A Nurse with a master’s degree with clinical competence
should have an enhanced point of entry ditto a nurse with a doctorate degree.
Moreover, the students in the School of Nursing would have another chance at such a position when they come for their degree program.
4) Let me equally address the concern some might have about a disruption to the rotational leadership style in NUNSA. If the unification is approved, the President would still be produced by the Northern region as is expected.
5) Greatest NUNSITES, to speak with one voice is to speak with great
force and power. The fickle regard extended to us by both NMCN and
NANNM and our constitutional right to attend meetings such as the National Executive Council meetings where Nursing issues are decided would be ours and enforceable. We would be able to exert our influence on what is decided and get information as they unfold rather than be at the receiving end of draconian policies that are injurious to our future. Also, the kind of support we should enjoy from them for our programs would be guaranteed.

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