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UNITY; the Fundamental Key to rendering optimal services to humanity

The sturdy foundation upon which the castle of success of everything is established is “unity” and without that unity, we will sadly watch every beautiful thing in our everyday life running in a complete fiasco.

Even medically unity and peaceful coexistence amidst the healthcare professionals is of paramount importance and a virtue of necessity.

To fathom easily its significance, let us reflect and ponder on our biological level of organization of life. It succinctly and wholesomely depicted that the degree of unity between various cells lead to the formation of “body tissues”, and the harmonious agreement between various tissues form “organs”. Organs however organise to produce system and thus effective function of respective system yield a healthy life. Snags created by pathological factors at different level of this organisation results in abnormality and deviation from the robust and sound wellbeing.

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The milieu Of the hospital/healthcare settings comprises of interdisciplinary health specialities like Medical Laboratory Science, Medical Radiography, physiotherapy, pharmacy, Nursing Science, Dentistry and Medicine among others. The aims and objectives of each and every team is manifested in offering their best to the prime concern i.e the ill beings.

As social animals that are being tightly held together by the strong bond of mankind, we must interact, socialize and above all reciprocate love and respect everywhere, be it in worship places, hospitals, Banks, medical school and so on. The essence of doing so is to free our hearts from malice, attain optimum peace and to maintain both physical and emotional well-being within ourselves. Unfortunately, the hostility ranging from exaggerated self compliment, show of self worth and superiority, seeing other professions with contempt in the name of rivalry amongst medical students and to some extent healthcare professionals is worrisome and indeed condemnable.

Under whose tutelage in the medical school are students being taught that six years of MBBS is discipline that should make them disregard others from being part of the healthcare system? Or the greater dispersion in the juxtaposition of tense and heinous atmosphere under the five years Radiography training with that of medical laboratory science or nursing render the significance of the former and insignificance of the later. This is absolutely puerility of the highest degree. Each profession is worthwhile and its ethic is centered towards meeting the need of patients.

Can we patiently have a proper dekko at how the systems of our body unite to execute their functions to maintain an equilibrium conducive for survival? What will happen if to say the neural tissue says it is the superior and appears to boss other systems while the circulatory system in response denies it sufficient oxygen to meet the metabolic demand? Or what do we think is going to happen when the renal system quarrels with the immune system on whose function serve body best, and both react so that one can predominate the other and effectively carryout both the functions concurrently, will this ever happen!? Capital NO.

Conspicuously, the hospital/healthcare setting is analogous to our biological level of organization and how bodily systems work. A medical doctor alone cannot efficiently run a whole hospital, neither pharmacists nor physiotherapists. As such we need to come close, close enough together thus respect our differences and welcome our and to specialize in one skill or the other and benefit from each other’s knowledge. Only by so doing we can efficiently render our best compassion to our patients.

There is an adage saying “united we stand, divided we fall”

Service to humanity is service to the lord, may everything we do be solely for the sake of God and to attain the reward of God. May God in His infinite mercy give us the capability to work hand in hand but not one after another.

Abba Muhammad Tawfiq.

400L Physiotherapy Student. University Of Maiduguri

Updated: April 5, 2021 — 5:05 pm

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