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Untold Truth Of A Nurse Male

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Many people do have this bias against nurses”male”. The truth is that we face a socio-cultural crisis in Nigeria and that is what crawled into various sectors; economic, educational, health, religious and political etc.
Nursing is a beautiful career but people tag it “Female” but unknowingly to them ancient nurses were male until the time Florence Nightingale Revolutionised Nursing(Mother of Modern Nursing). Men in the late 19th and Beginning of the 20th century(1880’s-1900’s) saw new opportunities and Decided to move to more careers as technology advanced leaving behind Nursing.

What is Nursing?

People have this perception that nurses are rag dolls,piece of shit and house workers. But the truth is that nurses take care of the sick after they have encountered the Doctor. They see that these patients bounce back to life. This is the joy of Nursing seeing people recover,interacting with people and saving lives.
Nursing is known as a female job. A typical example of a nurse in our part of the world is a woman with white gown,red and blue pen in her pocket and starched cap grin grin grin. nurses are known for their injections I will call it their Insigna. Most of the time, a nurse is a loving and caring wife, good mother and strict. Now what of if a Nurse is now a man? Many people reactions will be grin grin grin grin Oh a Male nurse? A murse? A sissy? An homosexual? A man who doesn’t have balls? A rejected property of Medicine? A lazy dude? A mommys baby? And many more things.
Truth be told The traditional man in africa is known as ; Lord, Disciplinarian and an authority. So what will make a man go for a stupid profession as nursing? Based on some people thoughts. Some even go as far as calling them poop packers and Cleaners.
I will always say these a profession is like a calling, it is something that gives you this inner peace, something that makes you Unique, Make you stand out from the crowd, make people look up to you and respect you.
The re-introduction of men to nursing was one of the best decision ever made. It has given many men hope to care for people and to encourage people. Like a Nurse said, ‘It takes a Man to bathe a Man”. There are lot of guys out there who want to study this nursing but are scared to because their families and society sees as a sin, abomination and a thing less of a man. What makes you a man?.
Some 100 years ago the First Inducted Female Doctor was admitted into medical school as a joke. They saw women as play things and unfit for medical school. They said that they admitted her to show that women are not strong enough . Unfortunately for them, she surprised them and she has given female Doctors hope today.

Why study nursing as a male?

It is tasking, challenging and rewarding. There are so many specialities in Nursing which I will list a few and I will be listing the ones male engage in more and see it as a challenge. The first 5

  •  Surgical Nursing/Operating Room Nursing
  •  ER Nursing (Emergency Room Nursing) OR Accident and Emergency Nursing
  • Orthopaedic and Trauma Nursing
  •  Wounds and Burns
  • Psychiatric Nursing

Others include

  • Neonatal nursing
  • Pediatric Nursing
  • Oncology nursing
  • Dialysis Nursing/Nephrology
  • ENT nursing
  • Midwifery.
  • Ophthalmic Nursing
  • Cardiac Nursing and so many more.

I know some trolls will Affirm that Doctors head this Department, not the Nursing speciality department Itself which is true and cannot be Disputed.

Nigerian Issues

A re-occuring event is NMA vs JOHESU. NMA claiming full headship is quite wrong and want to boss every aspect is quite wrong. There should be room for others.
JOHESU asking for equal pay is practically unreasonable. nurses salaries should be increased but it should not be equated, it is not done anywhere in the world. MLS fighting pathologists for Lab ownership and control is wrong. Pathologists oversee the Lab while the Lab scientists report results to them so that they report results back to Physicians. Quarelling causes Delay and is detrimental to patients.
nurses saying Doctors don’t know anything is bad and Doctors who do not listen to nurses opinions is bad as well.

Down Side of Nursing

The Auxillary nurses are the pain in the neck in nursing and are given us bad names. They are employed by Doctors and learn simple things, this is quackery and detrimental to patients health. Male nurses going as far to be Doctors in Hospitals is A high side of shear wickedness and Unproffessionalism. If you are a nurse as a male and you want to be called a Doctor, go to Med school and study medicine again.

Routes to become a nurse

3 years school of Nursing. This is somehow not good because they are supposed to be given associate Liscence not an RN. It is causing more confusion.
For you to specialise as a public health nurse you wil go fof BNsc for 5 years and 1 year Internship. Total of 9 years.
BNsc(Bachelor of Nursing Science) 5 year degree with RN,RM,RNPH. It teaches the science of nursing from Anatomy,Physiology,Biochemistry,pharmacology, Pathology, community health nursing etc.

Very rewarding.

It is easier for males to get into BNsc since they highly needed unlike females which apply more where only few are chosen.
As a nurse you lift heavy loads, more job just to prove your worth. It is worth it.

Good thing being a Male Nurse.

  •  You can travel abroad and get a work easily since more males are sort abroad
  •  You get paid there more than females.
  • You get more respect.

You face stereotype.

I am an aspiring nurse Unilag BNsc and I advocate for more males to join this noble profession.
My Male nurses please Share your story on this platform to motivate Younger Ones.
God blessed

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