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1. WCEA CPD is still free and acceptable for licence renewal in 2021.

2. Upload of WCEA certificates or Course Summary Report is no longer required on the NMCN licence renewal portal. All courses done by applicants on WCEA CPD are automatically seen in the applicants licence renewal account real time.
3. Applicants can now apply for online licence renewal 60days to licence expiry date.
4. NMCN requires 3 CPD credit units which is same as 30 contact hours of WCEA, so you can either use one MCPDP certificate to apply now or 30 contact hours of WCEA.
5. Application for re-issuance of lost or damaged licence has also been deployed online.
5. Please note that only Change of Name, Licence Renewal, WCEA CPD and Licence Re-issue applications are the services available online for Registered Nurses and Midwives.
Full details and processes on how to register, take the WCEA courses and use the certificates to apply for your license renewal online

Register and take WCEA courses
-Register online first on NMCN portal to get your username and password.
The link for the registration is
-Next, download the app from your phones playstore and launch it.
-It will require you to change the password before proceeding.
-Take the courses listed, there are lots of them.
-Some courses have higher credits than others but take courses as you like and make sure to learn from them.
-Make sure to take the post exam evaluation so as to get Certificate.
-The certificates are pilled up in the app under the icon of a graduation cap🎓
-After completing the required hours of courses, go to step 2 below
But for expirience’s sake, you may wish to merge and compress the certificates.
-Go to your play store and download
PDF merger and PDF compressor
-Merge all the certificates first, then compress the merged certificate.
-Make sure to name the file clearly and save in a folder to be accessed easily.
-The compressed file should NOT be more than 200kb.


Log in here and activate your account on NMCN portal: https://licence.nmcn.gov.ng/Account/Signup
-Then fill steps 1-3 with your details and neccesary documents
READ ALSO:Renew your license and update your nursing knowledge free of charge with Courses on World Continuing Education Alliance (WCEA) Platform!!
If you have issues with authentication code while trying to activate your account send your full name, RN or RM number, license expiry date and mobile number to ict@nmcn.gov.ng OR oafilade@nmcn.gov.ng*
You will get feedback within 48hrs (Monday -Friday)
-Under step 3 is where you need your wcea certificate.
-Fill your geopolitical zone, state and the ministry of health where you will pick up the license when ready.
-When asked if you have done mcpdp, click Yes
-Next click CPD/workshop.
-On the next page scroll down to the bottom options, then click WCEA
No need to upload the certificates or Summary Report as they are already in the portal – real time. But you may wish to do that and there’s no penalty for doing so:
-Click Upload the certificate and choose the compressed named certificate not more than 200k option from your phone then upload.
-It can only accept one certificate so be sure it’s the full compressed certificate you click on.
Generate remitta on the license page and make payment, you can use online banking from your phone.
-Immediately payment is made, your status will indicate *Pending NMCN approval*
-Payment receipt will be automatically sent to your registered email, but most often found in SPAM folder. If you didn’t get the receipt go to https://login.remita.net/remita/auto-receipt/receipt.reg and request for it to be resent.
-Print and keep your receipt for reference purpose.
-License renewal is #10,500 and penalty of #5, 250 for each default year.
If you have any problems with password or like-issues, kindly send a mail to https://licence.nmcn.gov.ng/Support for help
For technical assistance, contact:
***** *Send this message to as many nurses as you can* ****
Thank you.

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