Vote Of Thanks By Nunsa National President – Reuben Markus Zirahgi

In this article you will read on Vote Of Thanks By Nunsa National President – Reuben Markus Zirahgi

Vote Of Thanks By Nunsa National President – Reuben Markus Zirahgi

It is with great sense of responsibility and humility that i extend my gratitude to all my well wishers from every angle, grateful for the trust you have bestowed on me, and mindful of the sacrifices borne by our people..
Let me start by expressing my profound gratitude to God almighty, the omnibenevolence, omnificient, omnipotent, the omniscient in whose infinite mercy we are nurturing our struggles, I’m expressing this appreciation message with a proclaim message of hope, a clear agenda of vision and prosperity in our beloved NUNSA.
Vote Of Thanks By Nunsa National President - Reuben Markus Zirahgi
Today, history has been made, in our bid to contribute our own quota in moving our great association forward, today we have gotten that rare opportunity through the mandate of our beloved members, we have seen the fruition of phase 1, now the real struggle begins. I vehemently believe the greatest expression of faith is in our ability to be strong enough to look upon our imperfections and decide that, it is in our power to remake our administration to align with the highest ideals likened to the slogan we are proud to call our own: T.A.N.I.D.I (Transparency, Accountability, Neutrality, Impartiality, Diversity and Inclusion).
I derive so much pleasure in appreciating and eulogizing our amiable, diligent and vibrant mentor,in person of Nr. Babaji Maigari (Head Of Department,Nursing Science,University Of Maiduguri), academic and non academic staff of the Noble Nursing Department, University Of Maiduguri, for their leadership and unwavering stance to support what is just and noble, all this success would not have been possible without their steely disposition to always stand against all acts not in consonance with decency, probity and justice, i will forever remain loyal, i appreciate you all.
This message will be incomplete without remembering my eminent, selfless and patriotic comrades who stand with me throughout the journey and are always ready to, you people have been my biggest insipration and source of strength,i pray we attain the height of success together.
To my fellow newly elected members of the executive council, congratulations and thank you once again, i pray our struggles yield positive results that will have direct impact on our generation and many to come, it has just started, lets stand firm and face the challenges together head-on. None of us can do it alone, as i always say, you need me, i need you, united we stand, divided we fall._
Long Live NUNSA,
Long Live NUNSITEs
Long Live The Federal Republic Of Nigeria.
Yours truly in service,_
Reuben Markus Zirahgi
_NUNSA National President Elect._

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