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The Nigerian health sectors comprises health professionals such as Nurses, Pharmacist, Medical Scientist, Medical Doctor, etc. Each of these professionals have their distinct roles in the provision of quality health care service to patients but a particular group have turned themselves into demi- gods that all other health professionals must worship.

Medical doctors have hijacked the health sector and turned it into “Doctors sector” at the detriment of other professionals and the nation at large. They sit at the top of the “food chain” why other professionals especially nurses are left to feed of their scraps. The selfish activities of these set of professional have led to rancour and acrimony among other professionals (nurses, physiotherapists, medical science and pharmacy)

The main question that should be on the mind of nurses is ” are nurses prepared to lead”?
No matter our protest on social media or alliance with other Union, the fact still remains that Nurses aren’t prepared mentally, psychologically and educationally to lead the nations health sector.

How can we lead when majority (70%) are diploma holders? How can nurses lead when our counterparts (pharmacist) are about awarding Doctor of Pharmacy(D.pharm) and we are still struggling with HND.
How can we lead when our regulatory body have closed their eyes to the issue of quackery, wrong placement of nurses and denigration of nurses. The only thing NMCN are known for is license renewal!

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NMCN have failed in their responsibilities to Nurses in the area of fight against quackery. Till date, NMCN have not put any thing in place to checkmates quackery in the nursing profession and if not for individuals and groups, quacks would have taken over the nursing profession. Even if NMCN don’t have nurses’ interest, they should protect their “interest” in the area of payment for license renewal because quacks don’t pay for license. Some state Government are planning to employ auxiliary nurses yet our beloved NMCN are not moved to act against such proposals.

NANNM are being “used” by JOHESU to actualize their “interest” at the detriment of nurses. What have we benefited from our alliance with JOHESU? Nurses have gone on strike for matters that don’t concern them but when issues affecting Nurses arises, JOHESU are silent. Pharmacist, Medical laboratory scientists, Physiotherapists have all benefited from JOHESU except Nurses. Our leaders have closed their eyes to the fact that NANNM and JOHESU relationship is parasitic, one-sided and not in nurses interest.

At the state levels, some of our leaders (DNS, Chief Matrons, Apex Nurses) are just puppets of medical directors, CMD and Commissioners.
When issues arises between nurses and other health worker, you find them castigating their colleague in front others. All these have undermined our position in the health sector.
Nursing profession in Nigeria is 20 years behind Medical profession, 10 years behind Pharmacy and and 5 years behind Medical science.

If we can get it right in our profession, how do we expect to be given an opportunity to lead others?

Until Nurses are able to overcome the basic challenges in nursing profession, then we are not ready to take up leadership position in the health sector.


Updated: April 9, 2021 — 8:17 pm

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